BAZINGA!!! This week was a great one. I was super active and earned 24 activity points on my ActiveLink. Another week done, another meeting, and another weigh-in. This one was SPECTACULAR!


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 9


The scale was most definitely my friend this week, for the second week in a row. I absolutely earned this one, every drop of sweat, every healthy meal I ate, and all the water I drank. All the stars were aligned. Definitely a great week.


Things I did right this week are:

  • Just do it. I ran the Gasparilla 8K and went to hot yoga 3 times. And when I thought that was enough, I also danced my butt off at the Bon Jovi concert last night. I earned 24 activity points for the week. And you know what? I ate every one of those, on top of my weekly points, spread out during the week.
  • I find that meals where I have a fruit or veggie are the most filling. I try to include one or the other in every meal. The most delicious meals are the ones with several veggies and lots of color. I am so thankful I love so many foods and I enjoy trying new foods and also coming up with my own creations.
  • Plan ahead. Grocery shopping for the week is a great tool. If you don’t have foods to make healthy meals, you will eat whatever is laying around. That is not an option for me.
  • Water. I know I am a broken record on this one, but it makes a huge difference. Do I miss soda? Yes. And I will have a sip of hubby’s every once in awhile if he has one. But for the most part, I’m drinking water and ice tea. And the occasional wine.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Keep moving. No races this week (shocker!) but I am setting a goal for yoga twice this week and walking / running twice.
  • More meal planning. On my to-do list today is to go through the freezer and see what we have on hand and then make my grocery list.
  • Making time for me has been working out well and I will keep that up. Certain stressors make me want to throw in the towel on “me time” when it seems like one thing too many, but I have to keep that up, no matter what. Tomorrow, I am going for my massage that hubby got me for Valentine’s Day.


Here is my week as per my ActiveLink. I love how you can name the activities and see where you earned points. I kind of think I am not classifying my hot yoga class at the correct intensity level. I have it set at low, but I think it should be medium / high. Hot yoga is no joke.


ActiveLink 022313 thru 030113


This week will be a tough one to beat. I certainly don’t expect to have this kind of loss every week. It’s not possible. But it certainly does feel good to know that my hard work does pay off. And I can feel it. Best feeling EVER.


What is your go-to activity for weight loss, the one you feel gives you the most results?

6 Comments on WW Weigh-In #9

  1. great job! keep up the good work and keep posting to encourage others like me to continue on this journey.

  2. Ok I got confussed at first why because I read the first comment from Jo-Anne and thought I didn’t write that……….did I……….no I didn’t it was a different Jo-Anne…………lol but I have to agree with her you are amazing and doing such a great job

  3. I guess I better figure out how to post a pic so we can tell us apart Jo-Anne! It’s not often I find someone with the SAME spelling hyphen AND capital A.

  4. Great job! I often find myself thinking that I’m lucky to have a taste for really healthy foods and also think that meals that include veggies and/or fruits keep me full longer. Great motivator seeing those numbers, huh?!

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