Well, well, well… I was expecting you at some point. It’s not possible to have a loss every week, so this week’s gain comes as no surprise. Let’s just get right to it, shall we? It’s a doozy….


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 7


You read that right…. I gained 2.2 pounds. But you know what? I’m still in the 160’s and I have a lot of good to focus on this week. I gained weight, that’s been acknowledged, now we move forward..


Things I did right this week are:

  • Ran the Rock N’ Roll half-marathon last Sunday! 13.1 miles is no joke. I ran more of it than the other two I did and finished a little over 8 minutes faster. I felt strong and amazing afterwards. Sore, but amazing.
  • Tracked everything I ate.
  • I ate many fruits and veggies. My appetite was up this week, between the race and evil bloated woman being here (sorry, TMI) but I kept snacks handy.
  • Still drinking water like its going out of style.
  • When hubby and I went out last night, I made the best food choice I could and shared with hubby.

What I will focus on this week:

  • Prepare snacks again for the week. This is a great tool that I am always thankful for during the week when I am busy.
  • Hot yoga at least once this week. Always makes me feel good and stretched out, and I love all the sweating.
  • More protein, especially at lunch. Quicker lunches this past week were mostly veggies or salad, so I need more protein for feeling full.
  • Find one new snack for the week, always keeping things fresh so I don’t get tired of eating the same things over and over again.
  • Portion control… Today’s meeting topic was all about this and it’s a good reminder to stay on top of it – thank you Beverly! It’s easy to get comfortable with what you think is a correct serving size and you may either be eating too much or not enough. Either way, you are cheating yourself when that happens.

Despite a 2.2 lb. gain this week, I still feel I had a successful week. Between the half marathon and continuing to make good choices, I did my best. Certain factors I can’t control, such as evil bloated woman, but I will focus on the things I can, such as food choices, being active, and drinking water.

I have just 2 days left on my ActiveLink assessment and then that will be another tool to help keep me moving! I am curious to see how off I was on calculating my activity points, in either direction.


I hope you all enjoy your Saturday and your weekend! Have a great one!

10 Comments on WW Weigh-In #7

  1. I think the fact you are staying accountable is amazing in itself. Your plan for the upcoming week sounds feasible and smart.

    Good luck with everything. Congratulations again on your half marathon! 🙂

  2. What a great attitude Nanci! It is way too easy to get down when we gain a little but you are so right to recognize the amazing successes you had this week and what you did right. Keeping up with those things and attacking those things you need to focus on will keep you going!!!

    • Thank you, Karen. It’s too easy to get caught up in negativity and that gets me nowhere. A little reminder about all that I’ve done and will continue to do is good for me. Hugs!

  3. You’re doing amazing, Nanci! And I know you’ll continue to do so with your awesome attitude.

    For some reason, I always gain weight after running a half marathon. It doesn’t seem fair!

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