Technically, today should have been weigh-in #58. But since I was running my seventh half marathon last Saturday, I didn’t make the meeting. I was so happy to get back to my meeting this morning. It’s so amazing how you get used to do something, it becomes a routine, and then when you miss it , it throws everything off.

Following any big run, such as a half marathon, I tend to eat like a mad woman for a couple days. I expect it. I let it happen, and then I get back to what I know I should be doing. I let myself enjoy the extra indulgences since I burned crazy calories and earned equally crazy activity points. It was also my birthday last weekend, which meant that those indulgences included birthday cake.

I went into the meeting this morning not really sure what the scale would say and would not have been surprised either way. I didn’t feel like I had gained much, if at all, but I also didn’t feel like I had a loss. When I got on the scale and saw a tiny gain of 0.6 lb., I was absolutely fine with that.


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 57


I posted a picture of my weigh-in graph on Instagram about this small gain and someone actually commented that it is more of a “fluctuation”. I like that…. Sounds better than “gain”.

One thing I will say is that in *mostly* following Simple Start and power foods, I am still not tracking with the exception of the running tally I have in my head when I have indulgences. I am happy with how that is going and as long I continue to work towards my goal, I am going to stick with it and not track every thing I eat.


Things I did right this week are:

  • I burned 1502 calories running my half marathon. Crazy.
  • For most of the week, I stuck to Simple Start. I made my chicken & broccoli casserole, as well as black & red chili last Sunday and enjoyed both dishes during the week. I also had power foods for lunch and snacks when I could. One day for lunch, I had the most simple meal but it was so good! Albacore tune (in water not oil) and diced tomato with pepper.


tuna and tomato lunch


  • Besides running the half marathon, I ran two additional days during the week, did my plank-a-day all week, and five days of Focus T25 as part of a new challenge I am doing. It was a very active week!
  • As you can imagine, all this activity means I drank A LOT of water.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Sticking to Simple Start as much as I can this week. I will say that we are going out for pizza tonight and I am going to enjoy the heck out of it. But, during the week, my focus will be on power foods.
  • As part of the T25 challenge I am doing, I have switched to a Shakeology shake for breakfast, 4 points if I use unsweetened almond milk and fruit in it. It’s very filling and delicious. This also makes for an easy breakfast to take with me on the go.
  • Three days of running…. I have a long run tomorrow (hoping for 9 miles) and then 2 more during the week in addition to the 5 days of T25 and planking. I am determined!


t25 lets do this



As for my activity points this week, I had 56 for the week! 28 of those alone were from the half marathon. It’s no wonder I am so hungry after running that far!




I love seeing all this activity and it just makes me feel strong!


Have a great weekend whatever your plans may be!

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