When I first started back on this weight loss journey in January 2013, I was all about the numbers, what the scale would say every Saturday when I walked into my meeting. As I now get closer to my goal, I have found that I am more focused on the non-scale victories and how I feel more than what the scale says. This week I had a slight gain but I wasn’t bothered by it at all.


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 56


It’s such a small gain, it could be water. But there are several reasons I wasn’t phased by this gain…

  • It was the first gain I’ve had in 4 weeks since switching from tracking to Simple Start so I was certainly due for one.
  • I recently bought some new running clothes in a smaller size and feel very confident in them.
  • I feel incredibly strong and tall and all around confident.

It just seems silly to be upset about a 0.4 lb. gain in the grand scheme of things. This morning I wore one of my new running tops to the meeting. I love how it fits and how it looks on me – and it’s certainly not a top I would have attempted to wear a year ago. I worked hard for this. Wearing this shirt was a reminder than despite that small gain on the scale, I have come so far on this journey and I can thank WW and running for it.


thankful running top 012513


I feel like Simple Start is still really working for me. I haven’t really tracked in 4 weeks now but the foods I’m eating make a huge difference. I plan on doing a blog post about it and it will more than likely be a vlog. I have so much to say about it!


Things I did right this week are:

  • Power foods are my friend. Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, lean protein, eggs, almond or soy milk…. For snacks and as part of my meals. For me it really is simple.
  • I actually feel like I’m snacking a little more during the day, but it’s smaller portions and just fresh fruit or veggies rather than pre-packaged processed foods. I still have them from time to time but it’s mostly fresh foods.
  • Water.
  • I ran 3 times this last week and did my plank-a-day every day. I am very excited to add a new workout challenge in starting Feb. 3 and I’ll be blogging about that as well. My longest plank to date is just over 5 minutes which is no joke. My whole body shakes when I do it, but I feel it in my core and arms so I know it’s working.


What I will focus on this week:

  • I am sticking with Simple Start because it’s working for me.
  • I am hoping to run 4 times this week. Tomorrow’s run will be a 5K, a shorter distance than I would normally run on a Sunday so I’d like to get an extra day in this week. My seventh half marathon is next weekend so it will be good to run a few times leading up to that. I am very excited about it!
  • I plan on making two meals this week that will last a few days. Both are power foods / Simple Start and will be good for both a full meal or snacking in smaller portions.
  • Keep up with my plank-a-day for the last week of January. I’ve had a few people ask me if I plan to continue it after January is over and I would like to. They are awesome.


My activity this week definitely seems on the downside. I love to get 40-50 activity points, but I only had 27 this week. Still, I got out there and ran and stayed active when I could.




All in all a good week. I am excited to run The Color Run tomorrow with hubby and friends. It is more of a fun run, not really timed, but being active should be fun!


Have a fabulous week!

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