A quick check-in this morning as we have a fun-filled weekend ahead! The meeting was great this morning. We missed Beverly, as she was out of town, but Anthony filled in for her and he is a hoot! This week I had another small gain and quite frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t more. A lot more. I can’t even explain the week I had…


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 41


Things I did right this week are:

  • I ran my little heart out. Last Sunday’s run of 8 miles was so awesome and had me pumped all week for the rest of my training.
  • I ate more on the days I ran and I think it helped balance it out. Being fueled for my runs is as important as being hydrated.
  • I tracked 4 days. That shouldn’t even be considered as something I did right, but it was better than not tracking at all.


What I will focus on this week:

  • I know, I know. I’m a broken record,  but I need to track more. I NEED TO TRACK MORE.
  • This month’s routine is to be active. Clearly I have this one down pretty well, but I did not do any core work last week and I need to get back to that.
  • Having a better week than last week. And I don’t must mean food related. I mean in general. Something has got to give.


I did amazing with my activity points this week. 54 points!!!! I love seeing those high numbers. I don’t have a long run this weekend, so I’ll have to work really hard to get my points up there this week.




I’d love to give a shout-out to my friend Kelly… I’ve been following her blog CurvyFitGirl for awhile now and we are Facebook and Twitter friends, too. She has lost 108 pounds on WW and is in the new issue of Weight Watchers Magazine that just came out. I’m so proud of her! Hope on over to her blog and give her some love!


curvyfitgirl ww mag



My training is all done for the week, I already got my run in for this morning. Today, hubby and I are getting the heck out of town and taking a mini trip to Orlando. On the agenda is our yearly visit to Downtown Disney for our annual Christmas ornament and we’ll spend the day at SeaWorld tomorrow. And most exciting of all? We get to take our fabulous niece with us! SO excited!!!


Have a great weekend!

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    • Hi Ashley! I am using a Hal Higdon training plan that I adapted to fit my schedule. I added a couple weeks to it, and changed the long runs to Sunday instead of Saturday. Are you training for a race? I hope this helps!

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