Another week, another great meeting. I love the 6:45am meetings on Saturdays. It’s so comfortable and I just love all the members. This morning was no different and I was extra excited to go today so I could share the fantastic gift package that WW sent me earlier in the week.

As for my weigh-in, I was up 0.6 lb.. I fully expected a gain coming off a 5 pound loss last week, so I was okay with it. And besides…. 0.6 lb. was more than likely all the water I drank yesterday after my run.


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 40


Let’s do some math… This was my 40th weigh-in!!! I have 12 more weigh-ins left this year AND exactly 12 more pounds to lose based on today’s weigh-in!


Things I did right this week are:

  • Tracking…. I tracked 5 of 7 days. Always room for improvement but celebrating the fact that I did this much.
  • I was a day behind on my half marathon training this week and my mornings were too busy to run for two of those days. But I didn’t skip them, and I made the most of it. Tuesday afternoon I ran with hubby (always a treat), and Wednesday I got home early and did my 4 miles in the heat of the afternoon, and Friday morning I ran while the sun was coming up.
  • I have NOT been going to Starbucks during the week as I had gotten back into the habit of that awhile back. Not only is it expensive, but it’s too many points. I can’t save 3 or 4 points (and $2 or $3) just by having coffee at home in my Keurig.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Making the best food choices that I can when I can. Interesting tidbit we learned at WW this morning… We made approx. 6000 food choices in September. That’s a lot of food choices! Plenty of chances to make GOOD choices.
  • Tracking, always tracking.
  • I talked to Connie (one of the lovely receptionists) briefly about thinking more about what I’m eating on the days that I run, especially the higher mileage days when I want to eat everything in site. I need to fuel my body better and more effectively for my training so I don’t eat us out of house and home.
  • I am hoping to make one new chicken recipe this week out of the amazing new recipe book I received from WW.


I have been trying and trying to get to 50 activity points the last few weeks and guess what? I finally did it! 51 points earned this last week. 16 of those alone I earned last Sunday when I ran 7 miles. I can’t wait to see what my 8 mile run tomorrow does for points!




Another thing that was great this week was the package I received in the mail from WW. I knew they were sending me a gift of some sort in the mail from a tweet they sent me the week before. I had no idea what it would be or when I would get it. I was so excited when it arrived on Tuesday and I was shocked at the goodies they sent.  It included an apron (cape!), measuring spoons, oil sprayer, tote bag, and ultimate chicken cookbook. It was a very generous thing to do. Just another reason I love WW. Truly, I don’t know how I would succeed in my journey without the support of WW, the meetings, staff, members, and more.


ww lose for good super hero package


I took all these goodies with me to my meeting this morning to show Beverly and she had me share with everyone. She also had me wear the fun apron and had our picture taken. I adore Beverly…


me and bev100413


Today was cross-training day and I accomplished that by helping my husband lay sod, which has to be the suckiest thing ever. I don’t even know if that’s a word, but it best describes how much I disliked it. But it kept me active AND I got some sun. I am SO excited for tomorrow, because I get to run 8 miles. Hubby is going to ride his bike with me while I run. Last week’s 7 was great and I am hoping for the same tomorrow.


I hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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