So…. As I have the last 37 weeks, I weigh in on Saturday mornings. This week, I had to weigh-in yesterday, on Friday, because I am headed to Orlando super early this morning for the second year of FLBlogCon.

Everything about this weigh-in was wrong…. Different WW location, I ran 3 miles before my weigh-in, drank 3 bottles of water before, and wore something totally different. It was a recipe for disaster. BUT! In my quest to stay accountable, I weighed in anyway. And I was up 3.4 pounds.


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 38




Up 3.4 pounds!!!! Ugh. If it had not been the wrong weigh-in day, post-workout, after 3 bottles of water, and wearing regular work clothes, I probably would have freaked. But I know it was not the best weigh-in conditions. The important thing was to keep myself accountable for the week and just weigh-in. And I did just that. I have not missed a weigh-in in 38 weeks. I am aiming for 52 weeks of consecutive weigh-ins!!!


Things I did right this week are:

  • I tracked 5 of 7 days. Almost as good as last week.
  • Just when I think it’s not possible to drink more water, I do. Running makes me thirsty.
  • While I failed at food prep last weekend, I still did well with snacks and breakfast. Some weeks will just not play out like they should and I have to do the best I can.
  • Despite having a pain in my foot on Tuesday and skipping my 3 miles run that morning, I finished the week strong by running Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Aiming for another good week of tracking. 7 of 7 days is always the goal, 6 of 7 days would be great.
  • I am really hoping to do some food prep on Sunday. It really sets the tone for the week and I feel much more in control. The days when I don’t have snacks or lunch planned are not good. I need to be prepared.
  • I have a 6 mile run on Sunday. This will be the longest non-race I will ever have run. I am looking forward to it and hoping that I do well with it. Yesterday, my foot didn’t bother me at all, I am hoping it will be the same on Sunday.


I got soooo close to 50 activity points this week, with a total of 48. Maybe next week? 4 days of running for this 5th week of half marathon training, 1 cross-training day, #dailycorework, and a bonus of having fun at the batting cages with out Little Brother on Sunday made this 48 points possible.




While I am missing my regular WW meeting this morning and all the wonderful people there, I am also excited about today. This is my second year going to FLBlogCon, and this year hubby is attending with me. I met some wonderful bloggers last year. I look forward to learning more this year and meeting some new people as well. And there is sure to be a lot of walking, which will make up my day of cross-training.

Tomorrow morning I will run 6 miles, assuming Mother Nature cooperates and holds off on the rain. I  am looking forward to it. It makes me feel STRONG.


I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I would never have the guts to drink 24 0z of water before getting on the scale. I would die of dehydration first, rather than do it. You are displaying a huge commitment to becoming an athlete and it’s awesome Aunt Nanci. Go go go go!!! Have fun at the conference and keep tracking!

    • Being the control freak AND creature of habit that I am, it was really hard to weigh in on a different day under those conditions. But I was determined to stay accountable and I did. Thanks so much for your kind words and following along on my journey!

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