I feel like I need to start this post off with the fact that I tracked 6 of 7 days this week. Incredible! I went over some days, but I still tracked. And…. I had a loss to show for it. Any loss is a good one!


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 37


It helps that I am taking part in a challenge on Facebook (because you can never take part in too many challenges) to get Back 2 Basics and this week’s focus was on tracking. It was a good reminder to see people posting throughout the day that they were tracking, etc… It’s funny, really. I *KNOW* I need to track, I just forget to do it. This week was a reminder of how important it is.


Things I did right this week are:

  • Tracked 6 of 7 days. Must do again this week.
  • The food prep I did last Sunday was well worth it. We had snacks and lunches for several days this week and it made the mornings easier to just pack it up since it was all prepared and ready to go.
  • Still doing well with my half marathon training… 4 runs, 1 day of cross training, 2 rest days, and doing my #dailycorework every day.
  • Focused on the positive this week. Weight loss is as much mental as it is what you eat, working out, etc… I thought about how much I’ve lost and how I’m getting close to my goal.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Tracking, aiming for another 6 of 7 days this week.
  • I would really love to hit my next mini goal of 149 soon. I am ready to say goodbye to the 150’s.
  • Hoping to some time to meal plan this week, and of course, grocery shop.


I earned 43 activity points this week! As my running mileage increases a little bit each week, this will continue to go up. I want to see 50!




I really enjoyed this morning’s meeting, where we shared success stories. I talked a little about my journey and how I’m still working on my success story, but that I will get there. I am confident of that.

I changed my training up this weekend since our niece is staying over tonight, so I did my long run when I got home from the meeting. 5 miserable miles. It was not a pretty run – it’s amazing how running just two hours later than normal can be so much hotter. I am so ready for it to cool off. SO ready. Tomorrow will be cross training day and that means a walk to the park with my niece. I love it when a plan falls into place.


Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Nanci, wow u r doing amazing!! Boy r u ever on the right track! Even though muscle weighs more than fat you and I both know the benefits of weighing a little heavier works because you lose so many inches. It’s a very smart way to make long term changes.

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