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WW Weigh-In #13

Confession: I did not track my meals the whole time my aunt was here. After tracking religiously since the day I went back to WW, this seemed really wrong to me. We ate out A LOT, kept really busy, kept Starbucks in business, had sinful dessert in Tarpon Springs, enjoyed wine, played cards, and ate amazing home cooked meals. I do not regret one single minute of my indulgence and I certainly wouldn’t change it. Last week, I was up a pound which I absolutely expected but I was ecstatic with as I thought it would be more.

So this week, I figured I was really in trouble. The week before, I had run the Sarasota Half Marathon and we walked around Universal Studios one day. I knew that was my saving grace. This last week, I ran two days, which helped, in addition to keeping busy. My hands got a work out playing cards. That’s about it – not stellar.

When my aunt went home on Wednesday, I knew I had to immediately get back to tracking and preparing my meals. And honestly, I was ready for it. I function much better with routine. Spontaneity is not for me. I need a plan, and then a back-up plan in case the first plan doesn’t work.

The day after she left, I was back to bringing my lunch and snacks, skipped the Starbucks and used my Keurig in the morning, and made it back to hot yoga. I did the same on Friday, including the hot yoga class. Jumping back into the routine that has been successful for me the last 3 months is exactly what I needed.

When I went to my WW meeting this morning and walked up to the scale, I believe my exact words were “I’m afraid”. I still wasn’t regretting my indulgence, but I was very curious to see what kind of damage it did.

Drumroll, please….


WW Weekly weigh-in Week 13


What?! I lost 1.6 pounds! How does that happen? Talk about a mood-lifter! However, my favorite meeting receptionist Marilyn quickly told me to be careful this week, and she’s right. Here’s hoping all that indulgence doesn’t show up this coming week!


Things I did right this week are:

  • Regardless of all the things I did wrong, I made sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Thursday and Friday, I jumped right back into tracking, making breakfast and lunch, keeping snacks on hand, and having a healthy dinner.
  • Went back to hot yoga. It’s amazing how quickly your body becomes accustomed to an activity, and then when you don’t go for awhile, it forgets. It was definitely great to get back to my yoga practice.


What I will focus on this week:

  • Getting back to meal planning. Always having foods on hand for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a huge help.
  • Back to splurging or eating out only once or twice a week. Tonight we are going to a wedding where there is sure to be amazing food and drinks, and then tomorrow we are going out to dinner for my sister’s birthday. I know I can indulge every so often and I will be fine.
  • Back to the beach early tomorrow morning for bridge repeats – the Iron Girl Half Marathon is in just 2 weeks!
  • I would love to make it to hot yoga three times this week. My unlimited month ends on Friday and I want to make the most of it. I really love it, even when I am a hot mess. (note to self: wash off the eye makeup before class…)


hot yoga 032813



Not too bad on the ActiveLink this week…. 24 points for the week – 2 runs, 2 walks (yes, I count walking the dogs!), and 2 days at hot yoga.


activelink 032313 thru 032913



So that’s that! As always, I’m excited about the weekend and NOT working for two days. I am also looking forward to getting back to my routine and then running tomorrow. It works for me!


Have you taken time off from your healthy eating? Regardless of the results, how did it make you feel?


  1. Ali

    I’ve been terrible with tracking for whatever reason since the Disney marathon – ouch! I’m getting back on track starting today and tracking EVERYTHING!
    Ali recently posted…Kona Kase ReviewMy Profile

  2. You are doing great. I have a wedding tonight, my birthday coming up, family in town. It is hard not to let a few splurges turn into a whole week of me eating junk. Working on being smart about it this week so I don’t gain anything.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Marathon Training Update – Week 12My Profile

  3. I have been plummeting hard from eating right the past few weeks and I really have no idea why. I have gained 2-3 lbs back. eek! I think it’s lack of meal planning. I really need to get that ish together!
    beka recently posted…My 1st Year + A Big Giveaway!My Profile

  4. I wish I had your determantion and drive but today I am finding it hard enough to just get out of bed, every part of my poor body aches from my head to my toes……..
    joannerambling recently posted…Good Friday a special day for me at leastMy Profile

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