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What We’re Reading {August}

Fellow book lovers! My fabulous friend Angelina and I have decided to start a monthly post to share our love of reading with you. We both love to read and have been reading machines lately. Each month we’ll share a run down of our favorite book or books with you, depending on what we’ve read. We might even decide to read the same book one month and compare notes.


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I just finished The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid and I enjoyed every single page of it, start to finish.  



I have to admit, what jumped out at me first about this book was that it was about a woman struggling to lose weight who goes to Weight Watchers on part of her weight loss journey and blogs about it. Sound familiar? I was meant to read this book. But, it turned out to be so much more.

The book starts with Shauna deciding that she has to do something about her weight, which was at it’s highest at 351 pounds. Her upbringing played a huge part in her weight gain and how she dealt with food, despite the fact that her own mother was a Weight Watchers leader. Taking that first step into Weight Watchers as an adult, with her sister by her side, ended up changing her life.

Over the course of 333 weeks, she lost half her weight, a total of 175.5 pounds lost. She tried many different things over those 6 plus years and they all helped her in some way or another reach her goal. She outgrew Weight Watchers and moved on to the next. But what hit me the most about her story is how she changed from the inside out. At 351 pounds, she was very anti-social. She worked and went home. She avoided social interaction because of how she felt and looked. As she started to lose weight, she became more social and had to learn to adapt to now being social and going out with friends, and making her new lifestyle work for her. She documented most weeks and always shared the lows AND highs. A move from Australia to Scotland with her sister brought about more challenges, but again she learned to adapt. She met a man and as their relationship became serious, she was afraid to tell him about the old her. Eventually she told him and she continued to adapt to new adventures and life changes. She gained weight and had setbacks and she would get right back to it and lose weight again, continuing to work towards her goal. The goal, that end number she was working towards, was not the end of her journey. She knew it would be a constant struggle, but she learned how to cope with the things that set her back and learned to enjoy life along the way. She never “pushed” one weight loss method over another, she just shared how each one worked for her at a particular time in her life. 

I felt like her learning to live and enjoy life was the most important part of her story. Weight loss is hard, guys. So incredibly hard. I’ve lost and gained weight several times in my life. I’m again on the scale-being-up side of this roller coaster ride. But you can’t hide in your house and not enjoy life just because you’re trying to lose weight. You have to live.

This book is a great read for anyone struggling with weight loss. It was so motivational and I felt like I could have written parts of it. I gave The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl 5 stars and it was well deserved!!

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