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Week 10 Half Marathon Training

Week 10 is done! This was a really nice one, thanks to some cooler, less humid weather that moved in mid-week. I definitely run better in cooler weather. When it’s hot and humid, it is just harder to breathe. When it’s cooler, I love breathing in the cool air – it’s very refreshing.

Week 10 had two 3 mile runs and 5 mile pace run during the week. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of pace runs – there is a lot of pressure on those. While I am always aware of my time and pace, trying to knowingly keep up a specific pace can be challenging for me. But I did very well on my pace run, so I can’t complain too much. And I even went on the “hilly” route. And by “hilly”, I mean not flat. There is an area north of us that I run when I do anything longer than 3 miles and it’s enough of an incline to feel it in my legs. Love it.

On Friday, hubby and I took off from work and enjoyed a run together. He ran his last run of his C25K training so I did 3.11 instead of 3 miles. I am super proud of hubby!

And this morning, I tackled my first double-digit training run. Every Sunday means a new longer distance for my running outside of a race. Increasing it by a mile each week is the way to go. I went into this morning’s run hoping to finish in 2 hours. I know you shouldn’t set time goals for long runs but it’s hard not to. I was happy to come in under that with an even better pace than last week. And, I even stopped at the potty along the way! (TMI, I know…)



Week 10

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 3 miles

week 10 tuesday run

Wednesday – 5 mile pace run

week 10 wednesday run

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 3 miles

week 10 friday run

Saturday – Cross Training

Planks / Boat Pose / Crunches and walking around Johns Pass!

week 10 cross training saturday

Sunday – 10 miles

week 10 sunday run

Hubby rode along with me again this morning for my 10 miles. Once again, I tackled both the Memorial Bridge and Sandy Key Bridge, running over them both ways. I refuse to walk those darn things. We also took our route a little farther north since we had more mileage to cover and then ended up heading into downtown for the end. I was ecstatic to hit 10 miles, not necessarily to be done, but to know that I did it. I struggled a bit during the run, feeling it my knees and right foot, mostly during mile 7 going into 8. But I told hubby I refused to complain because I was running 10 while several runners I know are running the Marine Corps Marathon today. Nope, I have no right to complain about my 10!





Total miles for Week 10 are 21.14. I did not track my walking yesterday, so this is just for my 4 runs for the week.

I am making a slight change to my training plan after talking to my friend Beth. My plan has me doing a 10K distance next Sunday, then 11, then 12, then the half marathon falls the Sunday after the 12 miles. I have been worried that would be too much, I’m trying really hard to PR and I don’t want to be sore from doing a 12 miler the Sunday before. So…. I will do 11 miles next Sunday, 12 miles the Sunday after, then I’ll finish up with 8 – 9 miles the Sunday before the race. That sounds so much better. Thanks to Beth for the advice!


Have you made changes to your training plan as you get near the end?


  1. Sounds absolutely amazing to me. I don’t know how the heck you do it. Good luck!!!
    Susi recently posted…Snapshot Sunday {October 27}My Profile

    1. Thank you Susi! I’m not sure how I do it either, lol. It has really just become habit to run. It doesn’t seem right to not get out there and do it. And it keeps me sane. :)

  2. Still doing good
    Jo-Anne recently posted…Happy Birthday SueMy Profile

    1. Thank Jo-Anne! Hope you are well! :)

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