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Top Ten Tuesday – TV Finales

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for some TV talk for Top Ten Tuesday and this week it’s all about TV finales. 

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Generally, I am a blubbering mess when it comes to TV finales, especially when it’s ending for good, not just for the season. I get so emotionally invested in the TV shows I watch and the characters and the story lines that when it comes to an end, I wonder “well now what I am supposed to do?”. 

I know I’m not the only one, either. My bestie Angelina also loves her TV and she’s sharing her list today as well. Be sure to check out her blog today, too.

Here is my top ten list of TV finales. Some are season finales, some series finales. And anyone who knows me, already knows what # 1 will be….. Right? Right.



10.  Nip / Tuck  – this show was a hot mess from the beginning but we quickly got sucked into it. We watched every season and hated to see it end, but I think it rans it’s course. 


9.  American Horror Story: The Coven – the third season has been my favorite so far and the season finale did a wonderful job of ending that story line. The characters were perfect that season and no questions were left unanswered. 


8.  Seinfeld  –  oh, the cast of Seinfeld and the situations they got themselves into. I enjoyed the dry humor of Seinfeld and loved Elaine’s character. Sad to see it go, the last episode was great.


7.  Family Ties  – this show started my love of Michael J. Fox and when he prepared to move to New York in the last episode, I was so sad. I loved his family, his relationship with Ellen. 


6.  ER  –  Probably my favorite medical drama, I loved this show and watched all fifteen seasons of it. I enjoyed the cast when it first started and although it changed over the years, I still loved the interactions and story lines they had. 


5.  Mad About You – Paul & Jamie Buchman were two of my favorite TV characters and I watched all seven seasons of this show. The series finale was very clever, we saw their only child Mabel as an adult 22 years later. We also learn that Paul & Jamie were not really married so they get re-married. I miss this show….


4.  Cheers – Norm! Who didn’t love hearing everyone yell Norm when he walked in the door to America’s favorite bar. While I loved the early episodes with Shelley Long, I grew to love the ones with Kirstie Alley even more. This show of course led to Frasier, which was also a great show.


3.  NYPD Blue  – this may be the show that had me cry the hardest of all time. The one where Jimmy Smits’ character Bobby Simone dies in the fifth episode of season six. While not a series or season finale, it was his finale and it was a tear jerker. The camaraderie with Detective Sipowicz was unmatchable in future episodes as they tried to replace him with other characters.


2.  Will & Grace  – I loved, loved, loved Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen. And when Harry Connick Jr. came on the show, I loved it even more. As the show ended, Grace and Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) get married, and in a look into the future, Will and Leo’s daughter grows up to marry Will’s son and all are reunited. 


1.  Friends (series finale) – this show was my life. No joke. I loved everything about Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. I laughed and cried through all ten seasons with them and to this day still watch reruns of it if it is on. I have loved other shows, but never like Friends. It will always and forever be my #1 show of all time. When it ended, I was so sad, but I love how they ended it. Together, going to get coffee one last time. 


What is your favorite TV series or season finale?


  1. These are great picks. Last season’s AHS left me sad. I didn’t like that ending AT ALL. I need happy endings!

    I just finished Penny Dreadful series and I have to say, season three was a damn good season finale. I’d have to think about some of my all time favorites. ER was a good one. Hmmmmmm….. I’ll have to think it over and come back. lol Maybe Will and Grace? Or Lost? My husband is a huge Parenthood fan. He would probably add that one to the list.

    I will add that I like it when a finale closes the chapter and doesn’t leave me guessing what happened next. I hate unfinished storylines. Or when a show is canceled and the plot leaves you hanging.
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  2. Friends! Couldn’t agree more!
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