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Top Ten Tuesday – Cookout Goodies!

Can you believe that this is the last week of August and we have a holiday weekend? Sorry, not sorry, I am not a fan of the summer so I’m pretty excited about these three hotter-than-heck summer months ending. Unfortunately we still have summer here in Florida for awhile, but at least we’re moving in the right direction and all things pumpkin will be here soon. 


top ten tuesday



Since we have Labor Day coming up in a matter of days, we thought our Top Ten Tuesday should be about foods you love to take to a cookout. In no particular order, here are my favorite cookout goodies….


10.  Deviled Eggs – it’s probably best to keep this away from me because I can eat a whole tray of them.

9.  Baked Beans – I love the ones that have a sweet molasses / brown sugar flavor the best.

8.  Potato Salad – I am not a *huge* potato salad fan, but I do really love the Southern Potato Salad from Publix. Easy to pick up upon your way to a cookout.

7.  Guacamole – this is another food I can could have anywhere and anytime. Specifically, my mom’s homemade guacamole. It is to die for. Paired with chips and salsa, I am one happy girl.

6.   Hot Dogs – you can’t go wrong with grilled hot dogs topped with mustard and maybe some fresh diced onion. 

5.   Coleslaw – I love to make this homemade, with vinegar, mayo, and celery salt. I try to make it a couple days before so it has time to really sit and taste the best. 

4.   Corn On The Cob – I am pretty spoiled when it comes to grilled corn on the cob because my brother Nick is a grill master and this is one of his specialties. Garlic butter on the corn is AMAZING.

3. Steak – I love a rare, grilled New York Strip steak. It doesn’t ned any kind of sauce, just the perfect temperature and a little seasoning.

2. Chips and Salsa – this will be my answer for any type of favorite food, so no surprise it’s on this list. But, chips and salsa always make a good snack while waiting for the main meal.

1.  Homemade pasta salad – I usually make this for our family get-togethers. Sometimes I add chicken, sometimes not. But rotini noodles with cucumber, onion, tomato, and Italian dressing is always a hit.


Hop on over and visit Run.Chew.Sparkle and see what her cookout favorites are too!


What is on your list of favorite cookout foods?

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