My bestie and I are going to keep up with our Top Ten Tuesday posts this year after some pretty epic brainstorming last week. But, we’re going to change it up a little and do two weeks a month and pick from our list as we choose. 


top ten tuesday
For my first Top Ten Tuesday of the year, I am going to do ten things I bet you didn’t know about me!


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10. I have lived in 4 states, at least two times in each state. Born in Long Beach, California – moved to San Antonio, Texas – moved to Bel Air, Maryland – moved to Corona, California – moved to Houston, Texas – moved to Clearwater, Florida – moved to Baltimore, Maryland – moved to Houston, Texas – moved to Clearwater, Florida. Whew! I’ve now been in Clearwater since 1993, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere.


9. I am in a science textbook, thanks to my Uncle Bruce who worked for a publishing company. It’s such an old science book, my picture is in black and white. 


8. I took dance when I was younger. I’ve taken tap, ballet, and gymnastics.


7. I played tennis from when I was 7 – 10 years old and I loved it. I really wish I had not stopped playing.


6. I once wrote a poem that my mom had printed in our family Christmas cards and she had it copyrighted.


5. I love The Carpenters. My music tastes include so many different types of music and artists but I get teased about this one. I could listen to the beautiful voice of Karen Carpenter all day long.


4.  When I was in high school, I visited my Aunt Darlene out in California and we waited in line in the wee hours of the morning to be in the audience of the Arsenio Hall show. I loved his show and I was so excited. Sadly, he was a totally different person when the camera wasn’t rolling and I didn’t like him very much after that.


3.  When I was little, I was a baton twirler. I would probably hurt myself or others, or break many windows if I attempted it now.


2. I have never seen any of of the Indiana Jones movies. Is this weird?


1. When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I would be the teacher to my “doll” classroom. Then I wanted to be an architect and I drew houses all the time in a notebook. All the houses I drew looked like the Brady Bunch house. 


What is one thing you’d like to share about yourself that others may not know?


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  1. my upper body strength has always been weaker compared to my lower body (even now). when i was younger and taking tennis lessons, i was playing right handed (i write left handed) my mom told the instructor to have me switch to left hand because she thought it may help… it didn’t lol

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