Life has been so busy and sadly my little space here on the interwebs has taken a back seat. I’ve missed the last couple of Top Ten Tuesdays, but I had to make time to participate in this one because it is all about Thanksgiving which I love, love, love.


top ten tuesday


Today I am sharing my Top Ten Thanksgiving Favorites. It might be hard to keep it to just ten….


10.  All the food.  Let’s just start with that. I love the all day eating of Thanksgiving. My mom makes THE MOST FABULOUS dinner and snacking on the goodies while she prepares it is half the fun.


9.  Macy’s Day Parade. I love watching the floats in the parade and the marching bands. There is so much tradition in the parade and I remember watching it as a kid.


8.  The newspaper. Weird? Not really. The thickest newspaper of the year, chock full of sales papers for Black Friday is always fun to look at. 


7.  No working. I mean, this is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving week. It’s always a short week for us, starting at lunch time on Wednesday. Have to make the most of time off when we can….


6. Leftovers. There are ALWAYS leftovers which make for a wonderful lunch and snacks for the weekend. I may leave the table stuffed and not wanting to even think about turkey again for awhile, but I’m ready for it the next day.


5.  Cooler weather. This can be hit and miss here in Florida and it’s not uncommon to wear shorts on Thanksgiving Day. But when we’ve been lucky and had cooler weather, it’s made the day even more special. 


4.  Pumpkin Cheesecake. This should probably be part of all the food I mentioned above, but it deserves it’s very own mention. My mom makes a scrumptious pumpkin cheesecake, New York style, with graham cracker crust. Oh. My. Goodness. She’s going to make a couple this weekend and I am already thinking about that first slice I’ll have.


3.  Putting up Christmas. It’s always been tradition in my family, going back to when I was a kid, to put up the Christmas tree while my mom worked on Thanksgiving dinner. I was always the one in charge of it. My dad loved watching his favorite decorations come out year after year. I have carried on that tradition into our home. This year, our tree will go up as soon as we get back from Seattle.


2.  Turkey Trot.  We normally run the Turkey Trot with friends just a few miles from our house on Thanksgiving morning and I will be sad to miss it this year. It’s always a great start to the day and makes me feel better about all the food I’ll be eating.


1.  Family.  This year, my mom and I are flying to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with my brother Nick and his family. I cannot wait to see them because I have missed them so much since they moved. But, I am going to miss hubby terribly since he cannot join us.  


What do you love about Thanksgiving? Visit Run.Chew.Sparkle and see what she loves also!

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