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Top Ten Tuesday – Halloween Favorites

It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday again! Since we are well into October already, we are going to talk about Halloween this week. Except for the crazy clown epidemic going around, Halloween is pretty fun.


top ten tuesday



I didn’t like Halloween as much when I was younger, it only consisted of dressing up and trick or treating. But as an adult, I love it much more. Here is my list Top Ten list of all things Halloween!


10.  Halloween Stores – Here in Florida we have Spirit Halloween stores and they are so fun to walk around every year and see what costumes and decorations are popular. Hubby and I could easily spend an hour or more walking around and trying creepy masks on.


9.  Carving Pumpkins – It’s been a long time since I’ve carved a pumpkin, but I do love to do it. I’m not very good at it, I wish I could do one of the fun Minion ones for hubby, but I’m lucky if I can carve a plain jack-o-lantern face. 


8.  Costumes – We don’t dress up every year, but it is fun when we do it. We were invited to a costume party this year and I’m hoping we can go so I can dress up. I always tease hubby and say he can be bacon and I’ll be an egg. We’re perfect together.


7.  Scary Movies – Have I ever shared my scary movie rule here on my blog? My rule is that I have to watch scary movies in the daytime and not before bed. I will have the worst nightmares if I do. My all-time favorite scary movie is The Shining. It is so creepy and I love it.


6.  Scream-A-Geddon – This year was our first time going to this and I imagine it won’t be our last. Unlike haunted houses at Busch Gardens or Universal Orlando, Scream-A-Geddon has three haunted houses, a haunted trail, a haunted hayride, and a midway out in the middle of nowhere in Dade City, north of Tampa. They did a fantastic job because I was jumping and screaming at everything. The 3-D clown house was awful – and by awful I mean really good because it was so scary – but the haunted trail (Dead Woods) was absolutely terrifying. I’m surprised I didn’t cry. I kept saying “no, I don’t like this” among many other things I won’t repeat on here. It. Was. Scary.


5.  Trick or Treating with my niece – I had the pleasure of trick or treating with my niece just about every year, I missed maybe one. Now that they are in Washington state, I will have to make do with seeing pictures of her all dressed up. Just last year, hubby and I dressed up with Nick, Jenna, and Autumn and made some fun memories trick or treating together. 


4.  Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens – This has become a tradition for us the last few years. We like going because it’s close to home and they put on a good event. VIP night is quite a great time. They have scare zones and scare squads throughout the park that rival the haunted houses. And the haunted houses are so real, like Zombie Mortuary with the rat-infested room. These are the things my nightmares are made of.


3.  Haunted Houses – As you can tell, I’m a big chicken but I just love haunted houses in general. The more realistic they are, the better. Throw in creepy sounds and gross smells and they are the best.


2.  Candy – Let’s be real…. I love candy all year, but fun-sized Halloween candy is my favorite. My favorites are M&M’s and Nestle Crunch Bars. But really, I’ll eat just about any candy you give me, except Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.


1.  Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando – I am pretty sentimental about this scary event because hubby and I had our very first date there in 1999. Since then, we do our best to go every year. We missed a few years, but the last couple of years we’ve made it a long weekend getaway around our wedding anniversary. Going through haunted houses, scare zones, and watching the Bill & Ted show is one of our favorite things to do.



What is on your top ten list of Halloween favorites? Don’t forget to visit Run.Chew.Sparkle and see what is on her list too!



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  1. As you may know I don’t do Halloween, got nothing against it, but until the last 15-20 years it wasn’t a thing here in Australia so not something I do, the younger generation are more into it and that is fine.
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