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Thoughts on… WW Weekly Points

Since I’ve been back on WW now for 5 weeks, I’m in a pretty good routine. I eat a filling breakfast (protein or oatmeal), a lighter lunch, and then dinner is usually my biggest meal simply because it’s the one I enjoy the most. I’m rushed at breakfast, lunch is usually at my desk (I know, bad….), and dinner is the one I put the most effort into cooking and I enjoy having dinner with hubby. I also have two snacks, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. I always have dessert at night, hopefully before 8 because I don’t like eating too close to bedtime. Dessert can be a 0 point treat like sliced bananas with fat-free cool whip or a low-point treat like pineapple cake. In my world, you have to have a sweet treat after dinner.

One of the wonderful things about Weight Watchers is the extra weekly points you get – 49 glorious points on top of your daily points. I can have 26 points in a day, plus however I want to use the weekly points.

During the week, it’s not uncommon for me to go into my extra weekly points each day. That’s what they are there for. Some days I don’t use them, other days I may use 7 or 8 in a day. Some weeks, I’ll have a few left over unused. I always try to use them. Weight Watchers is not about starving yourself and I am always more successful when I do use the extra weekly points.

Here is my progress report for Jan. 5 – Feb. 1st showing how often I track my food, activity earned, weight loss during that period, how I met my daily target, and activity tracked.



WW eTools Progress Report – Jan. 5 – Feb. 1. 2013


Since I weigh-in on Saturdays, that is day 1 for my new week so my 49 weekly points start over then. This is perfect timing for the weekend as we are definitely more likely to eat out or on the run on the weekends and I will likely tap into them before the weekend is over.

This past Saturday, being my birthday, I chose to have whatever I wanted for dinner and dessert. It was my birthday, I wanted to enjoy it, and let’s face it – I love food and enjoy eating. I didn’t calculate any points before ordering my dinner or dessert, I just enjoyed. We went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and I ate Frizzled Onion Strings, Shrimp New Orleans, and garlic bread. I enjoyed two glasses of white sangria. It was delicious and I enjoyed all of it. For dessert, we went to Kilwin’s Ice Cream and I had a waffle cone with salted caramel ice cream. It was sinfully amazing and I wasn’t worried about the points. Every bite was worth it.

When we got home later that night, I was so stuffed I felt sick to my stomach and this was a huge reminder of how I used to eat to the extreme of feeling so full that it was uncomfortable. I don’t need to eat to that extreme. I don’t need to feel so stuffed that I have to lay on the couch because I almost feel sick.

In addition to the weekly points, you can also earn activity points. For example, the 5K that I ran on Saturday earned me 8 points. You can even choose if you want your activity points used before or after the weekly points. I may not use my activity points that I earn.

On Sunday, I decided to calculate the points from my birthday dinner and ice cream dessert so I could track it. I went online and did my best to calculate it either with actual nutritional info or something close if that’s all that was available. So it was really a close guesstimate of points. What did I come up with? 68 points. 68 POINTS.

I had my 49 weekly points, the 8 points I earned from running the 5K, and the 8 points from our 10K walk on Sunday. I had 65 points given to me and immediately taken away. And I was 3 in the hole.

So was it REALLY worth it? As I sit here and write this, the answer is NO. Yes it was delicious and for that time it was nice to not think about how many points any of it was. But now, I have to go the rest of the week and not go over my 26 daily points which is proving hard to do because of how I go about my day and my meals. Or if I want to splurge and have a beer or two during the week, or maybe a meal that may be higher points than normal. Despite the fact that I got to use and enjoyed every one of those 68 points in the moment, I now feel like I’m being deprived as I go about the rest of the week.

The wonderful thing about Weight Watchers is how accommodating the program is. It can work for every one. You don’t have to eat a certain thing at a certain time, and nothing is off limits. The thing about the weekly points is they are flexible. You can use them however you want. And I know there are people who use them exactly as I did, all in one shot. And that is fine. But it doesn’t work for me. Being on this side of it, and trying to eat as I normally would without the extra points is proving to be a challenge. There is no right or wrong way to use them – each person can decide how to use them. But for me, using them all in one shot is NOT the way to do it and I will think twice about doing it that way again.

If I have a gain this week, it will be even more proof that that did not work for me. Even if I had just had less of those foods – one less drink, half as many onion strings, and just half of the Shrimp New Orleans, I’d still be better off than I am now. I’m counting this as a lesson learned in the every day struggle that is weight loss.


If you follow WW, how do you use your weekly points?


  1. I think it’s awesome you are tracking everything for 5+ weeks now!

    1. Thanks Grace! It’s amazing I went from no tracking to tracking every single thing and I haven’t missed a day. Clearly this is what I needed and I am very proud of myself.

  2. You have more patience then me although when I was younger I kept food diarys all the time………….now I am older and can’t be nothered

    1. It’s not always fun – or easy – but it does work for me.

  3. You have been making awesome progress. I haven’t done WW, but I do count calories and I too find that adding it all up helps me to stay on track.

    1. Hi Abby, yep it’s all about accountability. Otherwise I would everything in site and that’s not a lie!

  4. So proud of you!!! I too struggle with that whole “in the moment” and “was it worth it” mentality. Sometimes the answer is yes but mostly it’s no. You’re doing great Nanci and I know you can do it.

    1. It’s really hard!! And you’re right sometimes the answer is – and should be – yes. Thank you for the vote of confidence!

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  6. Jo-Anne

    thanks for letting us know how you felt after you ate what you wanted and the way you (me too) used to eat. I’ve been back on program for 12 weeks now (after a 10 year vacation) and feel great. I have shred 16.8 pounds. I had a similar day not too long ago (Groundhog Day party) and tried to remember everything I ate. It was a little bit of this and little bit of that. But the fact that I did account for everything went a long way. I didn’t shred that week, but didn’t gain as much as I might have in the past either.

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts and following you for inspiration.

    Jo-Anne (not the same person who previously wrote with the same name spelling – which is unusual!)

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