Today is my 45th birthday and while it is so odd to think of myself that age, literally just five years away from turning 50 (!!!), I am embracing it.

Turning 45 feels much different than 44. This time last year, I hated the thought of turning another year older because I simply was not doing anything about the fact that I was unhappy in my skin. I had been gaining weight and would continue to do so until the end of 2016. I am SO thankful that I am turning 45 with a plan in place and on a mission to lose weight and get fit with my favorite guy beside me every step of the way.




Turning 45 makes me want to be the  best person that I can be. To face my anxieties head on and deal with them, rather than tuck them away and pretend they don’t exist. It makes me want to do things I’ve not done before, to continue to step outside of my comfort zone whenever given the chance.


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My 45th year is going to about CHANGE. I have goals in place and I am doing my best every day to make them happen. Not just fitness and health related, but LIFE goals. It’s time to not be afraid of change and dare to dream about other things. Like Birdie from my most favorite movie “You’ve Got Mail” says to Kathleen Kelly… “You are daring to imagine that you could have a different life.”  Although as it pertains to me, I just want parts of it to be different.

I have much to be thankful for as I turn 45…. A wonderful husband who loves me, cheers me on, and supports me in my goals. A mom who I am very proud of and who I am thankful lives with us. My brother Joey and his two boys. My brother Nick, his wonderful wife Jenna, and my fabulous niece Autumn in Seattle, who although I miss terribly, we keep in touch often and I know they are just a phone call, FaceTime, or text away. My blog that turns 6 this month and my little Etsy store that continues to grow. I have the craziest dogs ever and they drive me batty, but I love them endlessly. I live in a place that I love that has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and oh that water… I am lucky to be in excellent health as I work hard to be fit. And I have some of the best friends and tribe a girl could ever ask for.

So, this is 45. I think I’m perfectly fine with that. 





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  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I was 45 once many years ago as in 9 years ago, I am now 54 birthdays are great surviving another 365 days is good hope the next 365 days are wonderful years for you and you feel loved

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