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The one where I talk to Jessica Simpson about Weight Watchers…

Over the weekend, I received an email from Weight Watchers, asking if I would like to participate in a live Google+ Hangout with Jessica Simpson and Weight Watchers. Space was limited so I had to reply soon and I emailed them back immediately. It was such an opportunity, I couldn’t possibly pass it up. Not. At. All. I am still in shock that they asked me!

Almost as exciting as being asked to participate in this event, was when I shared the news with my meeting leader, Beverly. She was beside herself and we must have been on the phone for a good 45 minutes talking about all of it. She could not wait to watch it and said she was going to share with several others. Thank you for your support, Beverly!


jessica IG

Jessica Simpson is the current Ambassador for Weight Watchers and she is promoting the new and exciting Simple Start plan, a two week jumpstart for both new and current members that puts the focus on power foods.

I have never participated in Google + Hangout before, but I was very impressed with the time and attention their tech department gave each of us in preparing us and making sure everything was just right. Everyone I spoke with was very nice and it was a fun time all around. I am usually terrified of any video camera, but my excitement outweighed my nerves. There were four of us, “special guests”, and we would each get to ask one question. Before the segment went live, we did an audio / video test and we each able to introduce ourselves to Jessica and she said hi to each of us.

At 12:30 yesterday, the Hangout went live and started with Aransas, a Weight Watchers leader in New York City, introducing Jessica Simpson and talking to her about how she is doing as a new mom to two young children, how she likes Simple Start, and a few fashion tips. She then introduced each of us and we each got to ask Jessica a question. My question was:


What is one piece of advice you would give someone if they are not sure that Weight Watchers is for them?


I was very impressed with Jessica Simpson and how she feels about Weight Watchers. Everything she said about it, tracking points, staying on plan, not being deprived, and more is exactly how I feel.  I really believe a great Ambassador is one who you can relate to, and I absolutely feel that way about her. She’s a real woman, lives a crazy busy life between her career, planning a wedding, and chasing her two children around, and makes Weight Watchers work for her. And she looks AMAZING!

I am so excited to share the link to the video with you… It is 30 minutes long and if you have the time, you should totally watch the whole thing.


Live Chat with Jessica Simpson & Weight Watchers


What a fun time it was. I hope to be able to do more like this in the future. I never realized when I started blogging about my journey that it could lead to something like this. One thing I never tire of is talking about Weight Watchers and sharing my love of it. It works, it really does. If you have been on the fence about joining, I urge you to go to a meeting and check it out.


Do you have a question about Weight Watchers or Simple Start? Feel free to ask here!


  1. Kat

    What an awesome experience, and great questions nanci! You can’t know if something works unless you try!
    Kat recently posted…Reader Roundup: 2014’s goals in ONE wordMy Profile

    1. Thanks Kat! And you are so right. You have to try to know!

  2. I love Jessica Simpson. She looks fabulous too! I watched most of the interview and I was definitely impressed, with her and with you! How’d you keep so calm?
    Haley recently posted…Snot Rockets and SpitMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I was pretty nervous, so I’m glad you thought I was calm. :)

  3. Very cool, Nancy! She seems like such a sweetheart and what an awesome opportunity. My mom loves Weight Watchers and was very successful on it. I know that it works from watching her success. Good luck to you!

  4. Awesome experience. I would have been a bit starstruck.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Marathon Travel by PlaneMy Profile

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