Somehow, we have finished three weeks of bootcamp already. Week three was a busy one in general, Monday and Wednesday’s bootcamps were awesome and then I missed Saturday because of a market I was at. 

My eating was on point and I’ve been logging my food every single day. The calorie adjustment when I workout is so confusing to me. I don’t want to eat all the extra calories I earn, but I know I do need to eat a little more. 




The biggest victory in week three was when I glanced at myself in the mirror Sunday morning and I noticed that I am absolutely losing weight. Yes, my clothes fit a little different now and I feel a little stronger each day. But there is just something about that day that you finally notice it, and it made my day.

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Even thought this is a wrap-up of Week 3 of bootcamp, I have to jump ahead a day to share a transformation picture. At the gym last night (first night of week 4), I snapped a picture after weighing myself as I normally do. (Spoiler alert, as of this picture I’m down 9 pounds but more on that next week!) I like to have progress pictures for myself but I realized when I was looking at this, what a difference there is in three weeks time. Especially in my tummy and face. I cannot wait to see what nine more weeks of hard work does. 





Yes, it’s hard to run up and down stairs, to do crunches, to run on the treadmill at an incline of 10 with it off, to do mountain climbers, and the always-evil push-ups. But seeing the proof that it is working in the mirror is one heck of a motivator to keep going and pushing myself a little farther each day. 


Challenge Week 3

Start of week Weigh-In – 184.5  (6.5 pounds lost)



Monday – 20 minute walk on treadmill, bootcamp  (full body), plank

Tuesday – plank

Wednesday – 16 minute walk on treadmill, bootcamp (upper body), 10 minute cool down on treadmill, plank

Thursday – OFF 

Friday – 14 minute run on treadmill, upper body circuit (chest press, triceps extension, biceps curl, 10 minute walk on treadmill, sauna, plank

Saturday – OFF (market)

Sunday – 14 minute run on tradmill, leg circuit (leg press, quads, hamstrings), ran up and down gym stairs 10 times each, wall site, plank



Tracked my food every day this week and stayed within my calories all except two. Still eating several small meals a day and snacking healthy. Dinner remains the best as far as protein and veggies. Treated myself to a Smoothie King meal replacement twice this week for lunch. I love the fiber enhancer to help keep me full.



12 Week Challenge Goal – 171

End of 2017 Goal – 145



Do you like being pushed outside of your comfort zone while working out?


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