In my 2017 intentions post, I shared that fitness is high on my list this year. I’ve pretty much spent the last year slacking off. I ran some, but not nearly as much as in years before. I basically became lazy, also not caring about what I was eating or drinking.

Hubby and I both knew it was time for us to get back in shape. We’ve spent too much time eating poorly and not being active enough. So, we joined Gold’s Gym! It’s been awhile since we both went to a gym and I have to say that after being there just a couple times, I realize how much I have missed it. 

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For me, going to the gym is about structure. Going with hubby means accountability. I cannot workout at home and get the same thing out of it. I’m too close to everything I need to get done around the house or work on my desk. It’s too easy to not give 100%. I love going to the gym with hubby in the evening. We don’t work out together at the gym as we do our own thing, but we are there for each other.

The gym will never replace running. I love running too much to do away with it. But the strength training I do at the gym will be very beneficial to my running and will help it. That’s icing on the cake since I would love to focus on my 5K time this year and get it down. 

We joined the gym a few days before New Years Day. Last week, we took it a step further and decided to sign up for the 2017 Golds Gym Challenge as even more structure and accountability. We had a formal weigh-in with body measurements and body fat analysis. This. Was. Terrifying. I am at my heaviest ever in all the 44 years (almost 45) I’ve been on this earth. They took before photos of my in shorts and a sports bra. As tormenting as that was, it was also huge incentive to get my butt in gear. We will do the same thing at the end of 12 weeks to see what are results are.


Scenes from the gym this past week…


But the best part of the challenge? Besides actually getting in shape and feeling better AND the possibility of winning money? It includes 3 bootcamps a week for the 12 weeks. This alone made it worth it. I’ve never done a bootcamp style class before but hubby has and always did well with it and enjoyed it. 




Last Wednesday was out first one and the good news is, I didn’t die. Our trainer Greg is great, he pushed us! We did 9 circuits 3 times, focusing on upper body and core. Me being brilliant, or so I thought, did my plank when we first got to the gym that night not even considering we might do some during bootcamp. By the end of the night I had done 4 planks. My arms and abs were jello. 


Some of my planks from the week…


I will never be that 126 pound girl I was back in 2006 after working hard on Weight Watchers and working out twice a day. My metabolism is not what it was then and my body has changed drastically since our fertility treatments. Even if I could get back down to that weight, I could never maintain it. I don’t want to be unrealistic in my goals. I want to be healthy and comfortable in my skin. I want to run better and faster.And I want to feel good. If I can do that at 145 pounds, than that will make me happy. No… It would make me ecstatic. 

Because I am such an all-or-nothing girl, I also immediately dove back into eating healthy the second we signed up for the 12 week challenge. I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app on my phone and started tracking my food based on the calories it suggested for me at my current weight and activity. I already love My Fitness Pal because it works in conjunction with FitBit and the Endomondo app I use when I run.

So, for the next 12 weeks, I am going to document my journey here. I plan to weigh myself once a week, each Monday. It’s more for me than anyone else, but I always feel like if someone is inspired by what I’m doing, then that’s even better. Here’s the thing… It really stinks to start over. But, you don’t have to be unhappy in your skin. You can always do something about it. 




Bridge repeats on a Thursday evening


Sunday Runday with Corinna


Challenge Week 1

Official Weigh-In and Body Fat:   191  /   45.8%


Monday – fit test for challenge sign-up and plank

Tuesday – plank

Wednesday – bootcamp and plank

Thursday – ran bridge repeats (3.76 miles) and plank

Friday – 2 miles on treadmill (run / walk), leg press, plank, crunches, sauna

Saturday – plank

Sunday – run 4.45 miles and plank 



Tracked my food every day starting Tuesday morning. Did pretty well staying within calories each day except 2. Tracking calories which is so different than points on Weight Watchers. I am keeping an eye on my calories, fat, and carbs. Water is my drink of choice. Added fruits and veggies for snacks and for the most part, lean protein and veggies for dinner. I had Smoothie King for lunch one day to replace a meal.
It seems so cliche to join a gym for the New Year, but it was the perfect time for us to make changes. I am proud of us for this first week and look forward to this next week to see how hubby and I do.


12 Week Challenge Goal – 171

End of 2017 Goal – 145


Have you taken a bootcamp class before or joined a gym challenge?



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