Week 1 of our challenge went fast! We kept up the pace with our second week which started with a walk over Belleair Causeway Monday morning, we had 3 bootcamps, I did at least a plank every day (multiple on bootcamp days), and we walked 4 miles over to the beach for sunset Friday evening. Kudos to hubby for that idea, I can’t think of a better way to end a work week.




Bootcamp during the week is with Greg. He pushes us hard while he cheers us on. It’s really a fun group to be in. On Saturday, bootcamp is with Ila who has a military style background. After two cardio-intense bootcamps during the week, Saturday’s bootcamp with Ila had a foundation and back focus with a lot of stretching. It was not as intense as Greg’s bootcamps, but I still felt every minute of it in my body when we finished. It hurts so good!




I am loving our time in the gym, whether it’s bootcamp or working out solo. I try to do cardio and weights on the nights we don’t have bootcamp. I also try and get at least two evenings a week in the sauna. It feels great on my tired muscles.


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Overall, I am already feeling stronger. I look forward to each workout and I’m remembering why it is so good to track my foods. The My Fitness Pal app on my phone makes it very easy to track and stay on target. Smoothie King is also helping me stay healthy when I am on the road. 




Two weeks down, ten to go! 


Challenge Week 2

Weigh-In – 186.8  (4.2 pounds lost)



Monday – 3 mile walk in morning, bootcamp at night (full body)

Tuesday – 20 minute treadmill run, leg press / leg curls / leg extensions (3 sets of each / 12 reps), 9 minute walk on treadmill, crunches, plank

Wednesday – 11 minutes on elliptical, bootcamp (full body), 10 minutes on bike plank

Thursday – plank 

Friday – 4.20 mile walk to beach, plank

Saturday – bootcamp (foundation and back focus), plank

Sunday – 2 mile run on the treadmill, upper body weights (bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder shrugs, chest press), sauna (15 minutes), crunches, plank



Tracked my food every day this week and stayed within my calories all except one. I have been eating several small meals a day rather than 3 regular meals. Dinner has been the best as far as protein and veggies. Twice this week, I had a Smoothie King meal replacement for lunch which I find very filling.



12 Week Challenge Goal – 171

End of 2017 Goal – 145


What is your favorite part of bootcamp?


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