Daddy, love, miss you

The first of many…

On Friday, I thought “I need to remind Daddy that Monday is Valentines Day”. Habits are certainly hard to break. I have always been Daddy’s little reminder of birthdays and anniversaries. When I realized that I would never need to be that reminder anymore, it made me sad. There are going to be so many firsts this first year that he is gone. We went through the motions of Christmas without him, his favorite holiday of the year, still so fresh from having lost him just weeks before. Then my birthday. And now Valentines Day. His birthday will be a hard one but we will celebrate him. We will have a whole year of firsts, the biggest one of all being the anniversary of when he went into the hospital, and then the day we said goodbye. People tell me that I will never get over my dad being gone, rather I will just get more used to it and learn to live with the fact that he is not here. Almost three months have passed and it is still so incredibly surreal that he is not here. So maybe, I’ll just remind him anyway when a birthday or anniversary comes along. That will make me feel a little better, right?  Daddy, don’t forget today is Valentines Day so you can send a little extra love our way from up above. We are all missing you…

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  1. So sweet…and so true. It's really hard to get through those firsts. With me, I always told myself “this time last year (fill in the blank of the missing person) was here with us.” Life moves on and it does get a little easier as time passes. Sending you hugs on this Valentine's day…for you and your family.

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