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The best run ever…

It’s become a nice tradition for hubby and I to get up Sunday morning and head to Memorial Causeway to run over the bridge. Last week, we changed it up and went over the whole causeway to the beach and then turn around and head back. We ran a good bit of it with walk breaks. This morning hubby had the brilliant idea that when we got over to the beach, we would take our shoes off and walk the beach for a bit before we head back over. I used to be such a beach girl so I was all over this and loved him for thinking of it.

I took this amazing shot of the Clearwater from the walkway leading up to the bridge…. I am currently obsessed with the panoramic feature on my iPhone.




Our run started at the beginning of the Memorial Bridge and it was my goal to run the first mile before I took a walk break. Hubby runs ahead of me (darn my short legs!) but I knew I would catch up to him at some point if he took a walk break. Up and over the bridge was great and the first mile was done. I didn’t want to stop, I didn’t need to stop. I kept running. And I ran over the the entire causeway all the way to the beach. My Garmin said 2.15 so I ran a full 2 miles without stopping. I can’t believe it did it and it felt so amazing.

The beach was not busy yet… We took our shoes off and walked on the soft cool sand for a mile. We have the best sand here in Clearwater Beach. The beach is so pretty here and I once again asked hubby why don’t we ever go?!?! We need to! Look at this view….




IMG_8107    IMG_8105


IMG_8111    IMG_8112

They have the sugar sand festival going on still and we saw some of the sculptures on our walk back towards the pier. Amazing! And of course I had to have my picture taken with the dolphin, everyone knows how much I love dolphins.

IMG_8119    IMG_8121

IMG_8125    IMG_8123


And then we were back to the round-about and it was time to head back over the causeway. I told hubby I was going to see if I could run back over the entire distance again. And I did it. Today was one of those days where everything clicked and felt right and I ran my heart out, without stopping. I felt great the entire time, even running back up the bridge. Hubby snapped a picture of me while I was running…. I think he might be just a little proud of me, one of my biggest supporters.


IMG_8127 edit


I ran the exact same distance headed back over, 2.15 and did it faster than the first time over. I was well within my half marathon pace the entire time, even a little faster at some points.

IMG_8134 edit      IMG_8132 edit


Another thing that made this run nice… I didn’t have any music. I have always had music when I run, except when hubby and I go out because we can chit chat along the way if we’re keeping the same pace. We weren’t together for much of my run and it was just me and my breath. I think it made a big difference.

Best run ever… It’s the kind of run that makes me really look forward to the next, the kind that reminds me why I love it so much. Running is my way of getting out of my own head and all the worries and stressors that I have for that small bit of time. And it reminds me that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Anything.


Do you run with music or without? What makes for a great run for you?


  1. Way to go, Nanci! I really need to get started on running. I’ve done very little. I’m jealous your hubby runs with you. I wish my husband would run with me. It would be great for both of us. Hope your next run is even better!
    Jenn @ Jenn Likes It recently posted…Turtle Trot 5K–Check! Color Me Rad 5K Tampa–Let’s do this!My Profile

    1. Thanks Jenn – I am very lucky in that he loves to run with me when he can. It makes for extra quality time together and it’s fun when he pushes me. :)

  2. Wow Nanci how awesome are you and these photos are amazing thank you
    joannerambling recently posted…Hardest wordMy Profile

    1. Thank you Joanne! It was a beautiful morning, perfect for photos.

  3. Awesome job Nanci!! I loved that course and wish I could make it out there more often to run in that area. Such pretty pictures – perfect morning :) It’s great that your hubby supports and joins you – It is so helpful in the journey to have an S.O that wants to be right there with ya!
    beka recently posted…Weekly Workouts Roundup+ER Visit #2My Profile

  4. Great job Nanci! You are going to pass me very soon!!!
    Lisa recently posted…The Real Deal About Triathlon (for me)My Profile

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