We all know I love Best Damn Race, but I thought I would break it down for you…. I have created the ABC’s of Best Damn Race after having a great time at the Leftover 5K over the weekend. 

For your reading pleasure….. Enjoy! 




A – Ambassadors! Well, I am a little biased with this one, but BDR has some pretty fabulous Ambassadors who help promote the events and share discount codes.


B – Beer! Ice cold beer awaits you after you finish.
C – Charity! Each race city partners with a charity to race money for an important cause. 
D – Discounts! Use my discount code NANCIC and save $5 on all races, all cities! 
E – Expo! Packet pick-up is always fun at the BDR Expo with vendors and a chance to pick up last
minute race essentials.
F – Friends! Nothing more fun than running the Best Damn Race with great friends.
G – Goodie bag! Who doesn’t love a bag full of goodies from a race?
H – Host hotel in each city. Stay close to the start line so you can get a good night’s sleep before the race.
I – Intervals! BDR is runner AND walker friendly, so if you love to run intervals, then you’ll feel right at home.
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J – Jacksonville! Run along the Riverwalk and downtown.
K – Kegs! Not really, but there is ice cold beer as mentioned above.
L – Leftover 5k! How many races do you know that have an end of season fun race with leftover medals and shirts AND an inflatable water slide? 
M – Medals! Each year, a new and creative medal is designed for each event. And the challenge medals? Always awesome! 
N – New Orleans! The newest destination for BDR is New Orleans and after a fun first year in the Big Easy, they will be back for more in March 2018.
O – Orlando! 2018 will be the 5th year for Orlando, with the race staring downtown by Lake Eola.
P – Photos! Some of the most fun race photos I’ve ever been in have been from Best Damn Race. And there’s a good chance you’ll get them for FREE!** 
Q – Quick! As in, you’ll run BDR damn quick and get to the beer! 
R – Race results! Download a certificate complete with your finish time, place, and more! 
S – Safety Harbor is where it all started. Join in the fun on February 3, 2018 (and celebrate my birthday one day late!).
T – Treat yourself to a massage after you cross that finish line… You deserve it! 
U – Unique registration! You have a chance to register for as little as $1 when registration opens.
V – Volunteer! BDR has some of the best volunteers. As a volunteer you get a Volunteer t-short, a goodie bag, and the fun of cheering on and helping thousands of runners.
W – Women’s cut shirts! Each year the shirt design is different AND there are women’s cut just for us!
X -Xcitement! Okay, so I changed the spelling to make this work, but it really is an exciting event. 
Y – Yell your heart out! Support runners along the course with your very own cheer station and have a chance to win $1000 for the Best Damn Cheer station.
Z – Zzzzzzz….. As in you’ll sleep great after a fun morning of Best Damn Race, beer, bling, and a post-race massage! 
So, which city will you be registering for?!

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