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#TBLB Book Club: The Happiness Project

Last Wednesday, a small group of the wonderful Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers met at Courtside Grille in Clearwater to discuss our latest book club read, The Happiness Project. It was just four of us this time, but still fun. I enjoy meeting with these wonderful ladies that I have met simply because of this blog.



Beth, Caroline, Me, and Debbie

Thank you Caroline for letting me use your photo!

Much of the evening was just catching up and chit chatting and wondering why our food was taking so long. We sat outside by the bar, which probably contributed to the slow service. Ah well. Caroline has been following the Whole30 – she is a rock star for tackling that. I am not sure I could do it but she is doing wonderfully with it. There was a lot of laughter – my kind of book club. Like Caroline says, the whole book club thing is just an excuse to get together anyway.

I was able to eat very well for few points, thanks to some planning ahead and checking out the menu online. I knew what I was going to order before I even got there. I had the Southwest Chicken Salad, dressing on the side, and ice water with lemon. I also ordered a hot tea with lemon because I still have a darn cough that is hanging on forever from when I was sick. The hot tea helped immensely.

sw chicken salad

Truth be told, most of us only read part of it. I read 37% and would have finished it if I had more time (as if the two months or whatever since the last book club wasn’t enough – priorities!!). I enjoyed the 37% that I read and will finish it. It’s written by Gretchen Rubin, writer / blogger, who decided she wanted to life a happier life and tackled it month by month, in different aspects of her life.


(Source: Goodreads)

Of the 37% I read, what I liked most was her list of Secrets of Adulthood. So many of them apply to many of our daily lives and situations we run into. My favorite ones are:

  • People don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • Do good, feel good.
  • Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy.

You can think of many ways to apply this to your life, right?

Another part of the book that jumped out at me was about defining happiness and that “the opposite of happiness is unhappiness, not depression. And much like dieting, we know what we to do, it’s the application that is challenging… You have to put happiness ideas into practice.

Ultimately, it just boiled down to the little things in life. Small gestures, self-focus AND focus on others all add up. This seems like common sense but when we get busy and rushed, it all flies out the window. So yes, I’m going to finish the book!

Thanks ladies for a fun evening out, our short discussion of the book, and lots of laughter!

Have you read The Happiness Project? Do you belong to a book club?


  1. It was a fun evening! Thank you for coming out :)

  2. Yummy, that salad looks delish!

  3. Margaret

    I have the book on my wish list. Someday I’ll get it…Sounds like an interesting book to where one must keep open to all it has to offer. I know I would apply it to get thru the work place. lol
    I belong to a book club that is part of our independant book store in town. Plus, I am planning to start another one next month. So, a total of two. Should be interesting! Fortunatly, everyone finishes the book! I didn’t know what to expect actually. But, it’s great times by all and a good way to meet people in the town where we live. We hold the book clubs at the bookstore. I like the restaurant idea, too!

    1. We try to meet at different places in Tampa / Clearwater / St Pete to give everyone a chance to come. :)

  4. The Happiness Project is on my list of books to read.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. Makes me want to start a local book club here! That way I will read and meet other bloggers… mmmhhh, something to contemplate!!! :)

    1. It’s alot of fun to meet other bloggers, I’ve been very lucky! You should look into something in your area and even starting your own. :)

  6. The Happiness Project sounds like a book I would like but more like a book I would love to give to my sister

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