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Yelp Fits The Bill at Fitlife Foods!


It has been too long since I’ve been to a Yelp Elite event so I was happy to make it this one. Hubby tagged along with me, he’s my favorite +1 to take along. Fitlife Foods has been on my list of places to try for awhile. There are plenty to choose from in the area – St. Pete, Clearwater, and Tampa, all easy to get to. The Elite event was at the South Tampa location.



IMG_7934     IMG_7963

IMG_7936    IMG_7962





If you are not familiar with Fitlife Foods, they provide freshly prepared meals and snacks, all made in house with fresh ingredients. There are different size options (small, medium, large, or one size). They also have customized wellness solutions to fit your goals and time schedule, designed to best suit your needs.






I was very impressed by this location and the kitchen and food prep area. We were spoiled with an assortment of foods to sample and tempt our taste buds. From Sicilian Chicken Meatballs to their Signature Nacho Cheese Queso Dip, a Chili Lime Dip, and an AMAZING Snickerdoodle Cookie…. It was all delicious and extremely fresh.



IMG_7947     IMG_7948

IMG_7945     IMG_7943

IMG_7944    IMG_7954

IMG_7956    IMG_7961

IMG_7949    IMG_7952

IMG_7953    IMG_7950

IMG_7957    IMG_7959




I was also impressed to learn that they cut their meats and fish IN the cooler. We met “Polar Bear” Mike who works in there all day! They have large walk-in refrigerators and freezers and a very clean kitchen area. All of this means that the meals we purchase will be very fresh and full of flavor. Served in recyclable plastic containers, each meal is labeled with nutritional info and the “Best By” date, no more than 3 days out.




IMG_7938    IMG_7940




Since I follow Weight Watchers, I was calculating the points of a couple meals using the nutritional info. They made my day when they offered me a list of their meals with “points” calculated! It couldn’t be any easier! From breakfast to burgers, full meals with sides, sauces, and desserts, it is all very well planned out. I look forward to trying the meals we brought home and can’t wait to go back!


IMG_7967    IMG_7966

IMG_7970    IMG_7971


IMG_7973    IMG_7969



As with the other Yelp events I’ve had the pleasure of attending, there was plenty of Yelp Swag and we were once again treated well with Fitlife samples and goodies to bring home. My blogging friends Katrina, Grace, and Caroline were there, but I was a bad blogger and didn’t get any photos of us! I also met new Yelp Elite member, Dianna. it’s always fun to meet new people at this events.

Thank you Fitlife Foods and Yelp for a nice evening and delicious foods!


Have you been to Fitlife Foods or a similar type service? What is your favorite meal? Let me know!

Wild Wonderland {Yelp’s A Zoo!}


Last night, hubby and I went to the Yelp Elite event at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo for Wild Wonderland. After running an errand in Tampa earlier and having dinner at PDQ in Carrollwood, we arrived at the zoo early. Given all the people arriving, though, and the line already forming at the entrance, I was okay with being early. When we checked in at the Yelp table, Brett joked that he thinks I won the trifecta for being the first to check in at the last three Yelp events. Ha, true. Certainly not intentional, but I do like to be early when I go places. Bad quality? Good quality? I don’t know….






All week, I has lured by talk of reindeer, penguins, and Florida flurries… not to mention Christmas lights. Always a sucker for Christmas lights. We saw them all, and then some. This was a wonderful event for kiddos, and there were kiddos everywhere having a great time! My favorite were the reindeer and penguins and no surprise, the Christmas lights.

Here is the link to my review on Yelp. And now, I’m going to let my pictures do the talking…. Enjoy!!






IMG_3960        IMG_3961

IMG_3962      IMG_3964


IMG_3966        IMG_3968


IMG_3971      IMG_3972

IMG_3974      IMG_3975

IMG_3976      IMG_3978

IMG_3981      IMG_3993

IMG_4010      IMG_4014




  IMG_4025    IMG_4027

IMG_4026        IMG_4028

IMG_4029      IMG_4031

IMG_4033      IMG_4034




IMG_4036        IMG_4037





Wild Wonderland is running select nights in December. When was the last time you went to the zoo?

What a week!


After starting out the week sick and working from home on Monday, it ended up being a very busy week. Thank goodness I was feeling much better on Tuesday. A few highlights from my week…

I took a few amazing pictures at Crystal Beach on Tuesday… I don’t think I will ever tire of sunsets. I know there are breathtaking sunsets all over the world but in my heart, it would be hard to beat the beauty of the ones at Crystal Beach.


crystal beach 120412 pan






After sunset, we went to one of my dad’s favorite restaurants, The Ozona Pig. They have wonderful BBQ and I love the atmosphere there. It was a very nice night.




I brought work home with me almost every night. A necessary evil sometimes. And while it’s not fun, I am able to get more done in a few hours at home in the evening than during the day.

Last night, hubby and I went out to dinner and had a few beers to end the long week. I very easily could have stayed home and firmly planted myself on the couch and not moved, but it was nice to get out and enjoy an evening with hubby, knowing we didn’t have to work the next day. It’s the little things in life…

This morning, we took Blue and Ozzie to the park. We used to do this regularly and life has gotten so busy that it just doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like. Despite it being a very dreary morning, it was a nice walk and the boys were besides themselves with excitement at being at the park!






At our park, there are trees everywhere that have heart-shaped leaves. I love looking at them, especially in the fall when they are all over the ground. As we walked on one of the bridges this morning, there was one perfectly-shaped one. So pretty!




I’m beyond excited about tonight!! Hubby and I are going to another Yelp event, this time at Lowry Park Zoo for Wild Wonderland! They will have reindeer, and penguins, and lights, and snow, and Frosty and Santa! I have actually never been to the zoo here in Tampa, so I am really looking forward to it. Not to mention another night out with hubby… That’s always a bonus.

I have a lot of catching up here to do in blog land. I feel like I’ve missed a lot on the ones I follow, and I have several posts to do here. Before I go, I wanted to mention a fun challenge I’m doing this month, hosted by some fellow bloggers… Here is the challenge, as posted by Beka at Rebecca Roams. Take a picture each day for the theme shown, tag it #holidayaday, and share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media fun for the holiday!




I’m actually pretty proud of myself for keeping up with it! It’s fun to do, especially since I am forever taking pictures anyway. There is also a Facebook page for the challenge as well. If you are an Instagram lover like I am, be sure to follow me… My IG name is auntnanci.


I hope you all have a great Saturday! What are you plans for the weekend?

Santa’s Little Yelpers!


Last night, hubby and I attended the Yelp Elite event at Christmas Town Busch Gardens – Santa’s Little Yelpers! When I received the invitation for this one, I RSVP’d immediately and was even more excited when we got confirmation last week. This was my second Yelp Elite event (the first one was Yelp O Scream back in October. I can’t say enough good things about Yelp…. Their website and app are easy to use, it’s great to review places you frequent and get feedback, and check-in wherever you go – and even receive check-in offers. it’s as easy as that! And because I’ve been an active Yelp-er this year, I was invited to be a part of their Elite squad. I’m so glad I did. And I hope I get to be a part of it in 2013 also (hint, hint Brett)!




When we arrived at Busch Gardens and checked in at the Yelp table to get our passes, we made our way back to Crown Colony Pub to collect our goodies. Not only did we get in the park for free, but being Yelp Elite means you and your guest each receive drink / food coupons and a gift. They really do treat us well.


IMG_3675            IMG_3676


IMG_3695           IMG_3697


I knew there was a twitter Scavenger Hunt – take 3 pictures as directed and tag them and post to Twitter. I missed the first one, but got the second two on the way to Crown Colony. When we got there and saw the Brett, the fabulous community manager for Yelp Tampa Bay, he told us we were the first ones there and I tweeted my two pictures. When I realized I had a chance to go get the photo I missed and still be the first one, hubby and I made a run for the front of the park. As we were walking back into Crown Colony, Brett tweeted that he had the first winner of the scavenger hunt – ME!!! So cool! I won 2 tickets to come back to Christmas Town. We’ll definitely be using those….. Here are the photos I took for the scavenger hunt…


  IMG_3686       IMG_3693        IMG_3702


IMG_3706          IMG_3709


A lot of Yelp Elite here in Tampa is made up of some wonderful bloggers that I am lucky to know! There were so many people at the park last night and I was so focused on the lights and attractions, that I missed seeing many of them. But, I did get to see Grace from Grace Dishes and her boyfriend Jason. It was great to see them again!




And then it was time to head out and see all the sights and sounds! I was in heaven with all the Christmas lights and music. It was perfect timing when we walked out of the Crown Colony Restaurant, because within minutes the Carol of the Bells light show started. I even caught part of it on video…. Here is a little tease of the beautiful sight!


Video by This Crazy Life of Mine 11/30/12


I took so many pictures throughout, the rest will be little sample of what you’ll see at Christmas Town if you go (and you must!). 


IMG_3678    IMG_3683    IMG_3687


IMG_3679    IMG_3684    IMG_3689


IMG_3691        IMG_3692


  IMG_3713       IMG_3714  


  IMG_3718       IMG_3719


IMG_3722    IMG_3723    IMG_3735


IMG_3729        IMG_3730


 IMG_3736        IMG_3743 


IMG_3748        IMG_3755


IMG_3756    IMG_3761    IMG_3759


 IMG_3762        IMG_3767


 IMG_3768                 IMG_3773


If you’d like to read my full review of Christmas Town on Yelp, you can read it here.


Do you plan on going to any Christmas-theme amusement park events this year? Share your favorite!

A rainy Yelp-O-Scream!


Last night, hubby and I went to Busch Gardens for Howl-O-Scream. It was the first night of this yearly event, one that we have actually never been to. I couldn’t believe this is the 13th year and we were just now going. We’ve tried in years past, but traffic was always an issue. How did we manage to get into the event last night, the first night? It was a Yelp Elite event! Just a few weeks ago, I was invited to be a part of the Yelp Elite squad after posting reviews and tips on the Yelp website, and checking into places I frequent.

We were the first to arrive and check-in and were give our VIP passes (which would get us into the haunted houses quicker), a cool bag, t-shirt, and drink coupons.




We made our way to the Pavilion where the food and drink were. Very quickly the room filled up with other Yelp Elites, VIPs, media, guests, and more. Hubby and I started by grabbing an ice cold Bud Light from and then we sampled the delicious food. I had chips and salsa, crab stuffed mushroom caps, caprese salad (the mozzarella was AMAZING!), hummus and warm pita bread, bacon-wrapped scallops, cheesy potato casserole (my favorite!), and deviled eggs.








After eating, we walked around and I kept my eyes open for Grace from Grace Dishes, a fellow blogger who I knew was going to be there. I spotted her and her boyfriend at the dessert table. It was so nice to meet her and the four of us chatted for awhile. Thank you, Grace, for sharing the photo!


me and grace


There was also a Yelp tent outside the pavilion, where there were more drinks and a fun sitting area.








I also ran into Meghann from Meals and Miles and we chatted for a few minutes. By the way, Meghann, your new camera took a great picture! Thanks for sharing!


Me and Meghann


It’s fun to meet and talk to people that I would probably never know if it weren’t for my blog. And then finally, it was time to hit the haunted houses. The first one was just a few steps away, and wouldn’t you know it, in those few minutes, it started raining.








When we came out, the line had cleared out and it was still pouring. Making our way back to the pavilion, we saw that everyone was under cover. Smart people! So, we went back inside the pavilion to hopefully wait out the rain, grab a couple ponchos (albeit a little late for that!), have another drink and some more yummy food. We also ran into Brett, the community manager for Yelp Tampa Bay, and we chatted for a few minutes. he was amused that we were carrying ponchos, still in the wrapper, and we were soaked.




I also took a few minutes to take a picture of our cool VIP lanyards. It’s nice to feel special.






Do you notice the irony in this next picture? A room full of people, soaked from the rain outside, and there are umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. I had a good laugh over that one.




We put on our fun ponchos and headed back out into the rain, determined to hit more haunted houses. Next stop was Night Shade Toys. Yea…. This one was creepy. At one point, we walked through a room that had the walls covered with stuffed animals and while I can’t be certain, I think there may have been real people in the mix. It. Was. Creepy. I now have to get rid of any stuffed animals I have in the closet.




After that, we headed to Blood Asylum. It was crazy and bloody. And at one point there was a strange smell, but I have no clue what it was. I screamed several times in this one as well. Of course, hubby is always amused by my screaming and he says I just egg them on. He’s probably right, but if you scare me, I’m going to scream.




After Blood Asylum, we decided to head home. It was STILL raining. All in all, it was a great time and I am so happy to be a part of Yelp Elite and be able to enjoy such events.

If you’d like to read my review on Yelp for this event and other business I have reviewed, you can find them here.


Have you been to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens? What kind of haunted houses scare you the most?

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