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Currently – May 2017

We’re almost at the end of May and about to jump into summer. It’s been forever since I wrote a Currently post (as in last August!) and it seems like a good time to share some of my favorite things!


I am constantly trying to find new healthy food choices so that I don’t get bored with eating the same thing every single day. My current favorite is sweet potatoes. I heat them up and mash them with a fork. A teeny bit of butter and it’s perfect. I’m also trying to get as much of my protein through food as possible.


I am obsessed with the new Brett Young song “In Case You Didn’t Know”. I love his voice and this song just makes my heart happy. It also helps that he is easy on the eyes….


Muscles. Specifically, mine. Day by day, little by little, my body continues to change and respond to what I’m doing at the gym. I feel strong and determined.


It has been awhile since I’ve read regularly because I am so busy. But, my sister-in-law recently sent me two autographed books, one of which I have not read. I am reading a little each day. While I would love to sit on the couch or lounge in bed and read for hours on end, there just isn’t time. So a little reading each night is my goal.


About my brother’s visit next month. I can’t wait to see him and my sister-in-law and NIECE!!! We are coming up on a year since they moved and even though we visited them over Thanksgiving, that was too long ago all ready. It’s a little tricky connecting with the time difference and my schedule sometimes, but we have done very well keeping in touch pretty regularly since they moved. I look forward to spending a few days with them. They will get some big hugs from me for sure!


Working at a gym means I get to pretty much live my dream of wearing comfy workout pants every day. My favorite for awhile now are the Xersion Essential Performance Capris. Yhey have a side pocket for my phone and the waist band is wide. They are so comfortable and the price is right, especially when I find them on sale.


I could really use some great make-ahead breakfast recipes. Getting up at 4am means I need to be able to pack something and go. I want it to be healthy and tasty. If you have some recipes you can share with me, please do so!
What are you currently up to? I’d love to know!  

Small Goals Lead To Big Results

You have goals and dreams. Things to you want to accomplish. Some big, some small. No matter what they are, anything is attainable if you put in the hard work.

For me, setting small goals along the way is key to success. Going into the gym this year and wanting to get in shape helped me realize that I wanted to lose 50 pounds. That’s the big goal for the year, but I started by setting a starting goal for the first 12 weeks. Setting small goals as you work towards your BIG goal helps keep you on track and that big goal doesn’t seem so far away or so hard.
Another thing I’ve realized is that as you work towards a big goal things can change. That 50 pounds I want to lose will likely change because I am building muscle as I lose weight. I may lose 35 pounds and be perfectly happy because of all the muscle I’ll have built. I’d rather be a strong 155 pounds than a weak 140 pounds. 

Here are my tips for setting goals…

  • Write down your goals, big and small.
  • Keep track of your progress often. 
  • Be flexible and know that it’s okay for your goals to change along the way.
  • Know who your support system is and share your goals with them for accountability.
  • Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you wanted to reach your goal.
  • Break your big goal into several small goals.
  • Reward yourself for reaching your goals. 
  • Be true to yourself along the way. 

What is a goal you are working towards right now? 

Working toward my goals with Smoothie King

Today’s post is sponsored by Smoothie King, but my content and love for their Meal Replacement Smoothies is all my own! 

Take the challenge as part of a low-calorie diet and daily exercise program.  Weight loss depends on individual needs. 


For many of us, January means changing our eating habits after the holiday parties, celebrations, and family get-togethers. It’s not uncommon to splurge more than usual during that time. By the time January 1st comes along, we’re all ready to get back to better eating habits and feeling better overall.

One of my big goals for 2017 is fitness. Hubby and I just joined a gym, after a very long time not being gym members, and it has led to us making better food choices. While some of the steps may be baby steps, we both have goals we want to reach and will work towards them.





Both of us are busy between work and life in general. Adding the gym to our schedule 3-4 times a week makes us even busier. I tend to be on the road a lot. For me, the ability to pick up something on the run, that is quick and easy AND good for me, is key to working towards my goals.

The other day I was helping a friend and I knew that lunch would be a challenge. I stopped at Smoothie King on my way and picked up a Lean1 Pineapple Mango smoothie to take with me and and it really hit the spot. Mostly, they had me at mango, but I was also happy to know that I was having something good for me that would keep  away the hunger for awhile.




While I was at Smoothie King, the gentleman behind the counter told me how he has worked at Smoothie King for six months now and has replaced one meal a day in that time and has lost weight and has curbed his afternoon hunger. These are the things that I like to hear and I told him he would see me often.

2017 is already off to a great start with the healthy meal replacement options at Smoothie King, giving me more time to be active in my busy life! Now, I want to help you reach YOUR goals!




Visit your local Smoothie King to learn more about the many #changeameal options they have.  There are over 20 meal replacement smoothies, all under 400 calories and with at least 10 grams of protein.

• Greek Yogurt – Pineapple Mango, Strawberry Blueberry, Peach Papaya
• The Shredder™ – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla
• Lean1™ – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Pineapple Mango
• Original High Protein – Banana, Lemon, Pineapple
• Coffee High Protein – Vanilla
• The Activator® – Chocolate, Vanilla
• Gladiator® – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla
• Vegan – Dark Chocolate Banana, Nutty Super Grain, Mango Kale


You can also enter their #changeameal challenge with a chance to win up to $500 in Smoothie King gifts cards, a Fitbit, or a new bike! 





What is one of your goals for 2017? Will Smoothie King help you reach that goal?


What are your intentions? {2017}

I recently saw a post on the FitBit blog about intentions for 2017. I *LOVE* that they used the word intentions instead of resolutions. I personally do not like the word resolutions, it is just something that will not happen (at least in my world).

But intentions are different.

in·ten·tion   [in-ten-shuh n]

an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.





I love that it is defined as an instance of “determining mentally”. So much of what we want to do for ourselves, the dreams we have, the goals we have, are all basically mental. We have to convince ourselves first that we can do it. Many times – and I know many of you will agree – we psych ourselves out before we even begin. 

Don’t go into 2017 setting resolutions. Instead, set intentions. What do you “intend” to do? 


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Over the weekend, I sat down with my fabulous new 2017 planner and made a list of words that I wanted to focus on in 2017. There are many words on this one page. All have meaning to me. Ironically, intention(s) is not on there, so I added it. And that brings me to choosing my One Word of the Year for 2017….. Intention. 





I intend to get back in shape with hubby. For the first time in years, we are back at the gym together and I love it. Very early on, before we were married, we went to the gym together. It’s nice to be back there together again. 


I intend to have more quality time with hubby. This is always on my list of wants and needs, and now intentions as well. There are some weeks where we are both so busy and our time together in few and far between. Even if we are just curled up on the couch enjoying our favorite show or out running errands, I enjoy our time together. 2017 will be OUR year.


I intend to grow my Etsy store. This little store of mine on the interwebs is my current baby and I have enjoyed seeing it take on a life of it’s own this last month especially. It will be ever-changing as I add more items and fine tune the ones I have. I intend to make it a success. I know it will take time, but I will keep at it.


I intend to blog more.  My Etsy store took over blogging this last month or so, but I intend to get back to it. My 6th blogaversary is coming up in February and I have excitement planned around that. I want to blog my journey back to fitness as hubby and I work on it together. And I intend to grow the list of people and companies I work with.


I intend to eat better.  This goes along with the gym. Being busy means eating on the fly and that is never good. I intend on preparing more meals that both hubby and I enjoy as part of our journey back to being fit. 


I intend to be a stronger person.  We all have our weaknesses. Mine is my anxiety and 2016 has seen it’s share. I want to focus on being stronger so that I can be a better, stronger version of myself. This will allow me to be a  better wife, daughter, sister, friend, niece, and more. 


I intend to do the best I can in life. Life is hard, people. We all have struggles. Never ever think that you are the only one facing an uphill battle. If we can all go through this life remembering that while our struggle is difficult, we are not the only one struggling. We can all be more sympathetic in general. One way or another, we will get through our struggles.


What is one of your intentions for 2017? I would love to hear them!


{Update} 200 days soda free!

Well, actually 207 days as I sit and type this.

August 1st, 2015 was the last day I had a soda. I didn’t know it would be my last soda, it just happened that way. Many people have asked me about going soda free so I thought I would share my soda free journey to date.


soda free blog pic


In the beginning, it was absolutely a day-to-day goal. I had to think about not ordering a soda if I was eating out, or buying soda for home if making one of my favorite I-need-a-soda-with-this meals. One day turned into two and when I hit three days, I set a goal for a week. Once I hit one week, I aimed for two. At two weeks, I shared my soda free decision with the interwebs. Then I aimed for one month. From there on out, it’s been month to month goal. When I hit six months, on my 44th birthday, I knew I could make it to a year.


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I never really had headaches or other withdrawals when I gave up soda, which surprised me. I gave it up because I was drinking it too much again so I thought there would be headaches or that I would be super grouchy. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case…. Hubby is probably thankful for that too.

Since day one of giving up soda, my go-to beverages are water and unsweet ice tea. For some people, drinking soda is a carbonation thing. For me, that was not the case. It was the flavor of Coca-Cola that I loved and craved. I did not feel the need to drink a carbonated beverage in it’s place. I’ve always loved unsweet ice tea, with or without lemon, and I’m certain this was helpful in the transition.

Some people have asked if I was also giving up caffeine and the answer to that is NO. I still have coffee and ice tea, and I am positive that giving up coffee would be much harder than giving up soda. Caffeine is not an issue for me, so it stays.

Do I miss soda? Every once in awhile I will eat something and think that an ice cold Coca Cola would be perfect with it, but that is very rare now. I momentarily thought about having a Sprite on Monday when I was home sick, but I didn’t want it enough to end my soda free streak. 

If anything, I drink more water now and I thought I drank a lot before. Soda has a tendency, for me, to make me feel dehydrated. It does not quench my thirst like water does. It served no purpose other than flavor. When I started craving it more and more, I knew it was time to kick the habit.


I have my eyes on the one year mark for no soda and I know I will make it! I am really proud of myself for giving up soda and I can’t wait to celebrate one year soda free on August 1st! 



If you have given up soda, what was the biggest challenge for you?