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Fun Fact Friday


It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend, my favorite! I have three glorious, wonderful days off after today. There’s so much I can do, or I can choose to do absolutely nothing. The possibilities are endless. I love that. I need the extra day. This girl needs a break. And because I’m so excited about it being a holiday weekend, I decided it was the perfect time to share some fun facts!


  • I have never listened to an audio book. My sister-in-law and I were discussing this last weekend and I couldn’t tell you why I’ve never listened to one. I could do it while I drive or run. So now I am trying to decide which book to choose as my very first one to listen to.


  • Apparently the actual house from A Christmas Story in Cleveland is having a 5k / 10k this December. I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday. What a cool medal. It’s a major award! Seriously, I wish I was closer to Cleveland.


christmas story 5k 10k

  • One week from tomorrow, I will be speaking at my Weight Watchers location as part of their Live Life Active event. To say that I am nervous is a HUGE understatement.

  • I follow @traderjoesinsider on Instagram and yesterday they posted this picture. Oh my goodness, I want to try these chips. They are probably high in points, but they sound amazing!




  • Since I started running half marathons, I have been very firm about not doing a full marathon, I could never imagine doing one. A half marathon is hard enough. I now have this little voice in my head telling me I should maybe consider it. So, I am now possibly open to the idea of it. But 26.2 miles is insane, right? So far I’ve only been half crazy. We’ll see…. I’m not saying I will, but I’m not saying I won’t. Maybe.


  • Our fabulous niece is staying over for a night next month when her mom and dad go see Heart in concert. The best part of all? She asked us if she could sleep over. I love that and I love that she likes staying over at our house. I adore her!


  • I took my run outside this morning, saw a beautiful sunrise in the making, AND I have a new fastest pace time of 9:39. I was running like someone was chasing me, but I promise no one was. It was just really nice out and worlds better than the evil dreadmill.


sunrise run 052413


  • I am currently obsessed with sliced banana and fat free cool whip. Makes for a great 0 point dessert.


  • We have to buy a new vacuum. This really isn’t a fun fact, because I don’t want to buy one, but ours has come to the end of it’s life. Having two Aussies who shed like crazy means that vacuum has worked very hard the last couple of years. RIP vacuum.


  • I love the show Long Island Medium. We DVR the new ones every week. I think Theresa Caputo is so cool and she has an amazing gift. Yes, I believe in what she does. Call me crazy.


Can you share a fun fact about yourself with me today?

Fun Fact Friday {Food Edition}



fun fact friday


I thought it would be fun to do a Food Edition of Fun Fact Friday. Since I love food so much, it seems like it would be a good topic. Who doesn’t love food?


  • It would be impossible to pick one favorite food since there is so much I love. Very high on the list, however, is pizza. More specifically, a pizza with pepperoni and sautéed onions. The greasier the better.


  • My favorite healthy meal is broiled tilapia with zucchini, olive oil, and basil. It’s so simple to make, filling, and full of flavors that I love.


  • My least least favorite food is American cheese. I know I’ve discussed this before, but it is the most disgusting thing EVER.


  • My favorite vegetable is zucchini. Broiled, sautéed, in soup, you name it. Very versatile and so good.


  • My least favorite vegetable is probably cauliflower. I want to like it, but I just don’t.


  • My favorite snack is currently baby carrots and basil pesto hummus.


  • My favorite type of food is Italian. Being Italian helps this, especially one who’s mother cooks the most amazing Italian food ever. My second favorite type of food is Mexican.


  • If I had to choose salty or sweet, I would probably choose salty. But if you give me the opportunity to mix salty and sweet, even better!


  • My favorite salad includes romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, tomato, red onion, cucumbers, and banana peppers with oil and vinegar. It goes with everything!


  • My favorite fruit is probably mango. I love fresh ones, but they are so messy, so I usually buy frozen mango chunks and have them throughout the week.


  • My least favorite meal of the day is breakfast. It seems like the most rushed and the one I have to make myself eat.


  • My favorite meal of the day is dinner. It’s meal I have the most time to prepare and the one that I am the most creative with.


  • My favorite way to cook a meal is in the slow cooker. I love how the house smells when something cooks all day and it’s so easy.


  • I am a dessert girl. I have to have something sweet at night. I like to keep pineapple cake on hand, or Smart Ones frozen desserts, or even fruit such as sliced banana with fat free cool whip. Mmmmmm…..


Share a fun food fact about yourself with me!

Fun Fact Friday



fun fact friday


Friday! Friday! Friday! I am really excited about it being Friday this week. I know, I know…. I’m excited every week for Friday, but REALLY excited for this Friday. Let’s get to it.


  • Tomorrow night hubby and I will see Daughtry for the fifth time. Hi, my name is Nanci, and I love Daughtry. He will be at Ruth Eckerd Hall with 3 Doors Down, who we have never seen. We saw Daughtry just last April for what was probably his best show yet. Here are couple photos from that night. You’re welcome.


daughtry meet n greet 042012


daughtry 042013 1


  • Sunday I am running the Gasparilla 8K, which will be my third race this month and will make four towards my #10in2013 challenge. I am not so excited about the warm weather and the chance of rain, but I am looking forward to a fun event and the run along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa. Maybe I’ll be last year’s time? Maybe.


  • Last night, I went to a book launch party with my fabulous sister-in-law / book blogger Jenna at Inkwood Books in Hyde Park. Kristen Simmons is a local author and has written the second book in her YA Lit trilogy Article 5. Kristen was adorable and her excitement and gratitude over her books was very endearing. I have not read the first book yet, so I bought it as well as the second one and of course I had them signed. Of course.


  • My niece will be starting Kindergarten this fall. Holy. Cow. Jenna and I were discussing this last night. How can that be possible? Autumn is going to be even more adorable as a Kindergartner.


  • I came across a new blog yesterday that reminds me so much of me and I can’t wait to read more and follow her. You should check it out… Word to Run By


  • I want to cut my hair, it’s getting so long. But I also want to keep it long. I like being able to braid it for hot yoga and I have to be able to pull it back when I run. Decisions.


  • A month from now, my Aunt Darlene will be here for about a week! I can’t wait to see her!!


  • I am way behind on the 28 Day Blog Challenge that I am taking part in (#28DBC). So many great ideas to fine tune my blog and I will get to them…. It just may not happen within the 28 days of February. Katy Widrick is a rock star for putting this challenge on and sharing so many great tips, ideas, and advice.


  • I have been thinking again about getting a bike. The thought of riding a bike always sounds way more fun than it actually is. It’s just not comfortable. But it would be great exercise.


  • And because I’m totally in Daughtry-mode, I will leave you what is one of my favorite Daughtry videos. Enjoy!


Daughtry–Crawling Back To You

Fun Fact Friday



fun fact friday


Hallelujah! We’ve survived another week. Every week seems to go by so slow, this one no different. Mostly because I can’t wait to run the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon this Sunday. It’s all I can think about this week. I am equally excited about going to the expo tomorrow and picking up my packet and race bib. So fun! In the spirit of things, and if you can stand listening to me babble on about it some more, today’s Fun Fact Friday has a race theme!



  • I like to pull my hair back totally off my face when I run. If I have any hair in my face, it will drive me insane. I usually pull it back into a ponytail, use 4 pins, and then a headband on top of that. I can’t wear a hat or visor because they’ll give me a headache. I want a cute headband to replace my plain black one. I love this one…


running headband

(Source: Pinterest)


  • I like wearing my race shirt for that particular race. I know some people don’t and to each his own. I think it’s fun. I especially liked wearing the Best Damn Race shirt last weekend since it had my birthday on it.


  • I have to listen to music when I run. If I was left alone with just my thoughts, it wouldn’t be pretty. I need the distraction of the music and then my thoughts aren’t so bad. I’m pretty excited about the playlist I put together for Sunday’s half.


  • The morning of a race, I like to have an English muffin with peanut butter, and a banana. It’s filling but doesn’t make me feel blah. Ultimately, I would probably prefer to not eat anything, but I know it’s better if I do.


  • I like to get to a race way early. I want to find parking without time pressure and I don’t want to be stressed out before. Of course, I’m early every where I go, so this is no surprise if you know me.


  • I wish I could run TWO Rock N’ Roll Half Marathons in one year and earn a Rock Encore medal. Maybe one year…


  • If I could pick the perfect weather to run in, it would be mid 50’s and low humidity. Not too cold and not warm. The forecast for the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon this Sunday in St. Pete is a high of 77 and a low of 64 so it should only be up to the low 70’s by the time I finish, but I would love for it too be cooler.


  • If it is in the mid-60’s on Sunday morning, it will be a full 30 degrees warmer than the crazy cold feels-like temperature in the 30’s for last year’s Rock N’ Roll Half. Quite a difference! (Did I mention I like the colder weather?!)


  • I bought 2 of the cutest Nike running tank tops yesterday at Sports Authority and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear one of them on Sunday. Probably this blue one that has a super cute back… This, of course, totally cancels out what I said earlier about the race shirts above. Although I could still change my mind before then.


blue nike top


  • There is a cute little shop in Safety Harbor called Lola’s Laces (named after one of the owner’s dogs – CUTE!!) that sells women’s running gear, such as Moving Comfort and Brooks. I stopped in there last week after picking up our race packets for the Best Damn Race. (Here’s my Yelp review.)  I browsed for a few minutes and entered my name in a drawing. I got a call earlier this week that I won a free pair of socks! I’m going to stop by today and pick them up. I’m also going to see if they have any cute headbands.


  • And a bonus this morning, even though I’ve run this course, I have watched the course tour a couple time this week. I’m quite certain it’s the music that makes it fabulous, but if you like to watch it, you can see the route I’ll be running! I love the views along the water… Click on the picture for the link to the video.



(Source: Rock N’ Roll Marathon Series)


Tell me one fun fact about you today! Have you ever run more than one Rock N’ Roll event in one year?

Fun Fact Friday



fun fact friday


Friday, Friday! It’s finally Friday!!!! Are you as excited about this as I am? And since it’s Friday, that means it’s time for some fun facts from me.


  • If I could have hair like any celebrity, it would be Jennifer Aniston. Her hair is always fabulous whether it’s short or long. I’d love to have her body, too, but that would require a lot of surgery.


  • It takes 21 days to form a new habit. It has been 25 days since I went back to WW and I have tracked my foods every single day since and it has once again become second nature to track it. Whether I am at my computer, on my iPhone, or my iPad I have no excuse to not track.


  • February is going to be a crazy busy month… Between Feb. 1st and March 1st, I have my birthday, 3 races, my blog birthday, a book signing, and 2 concerts.


  • Hubby and I walked 3 nights in a row this week! The weather has been perfect for it!


  • For the first time ever yesterday, I ate turkey sausage and it was delicious. I made a recipe from Skinnytaste for Italian Sloppy Joe’s for dinner – let’s just say there are leftovers for dinner tonight and I can’t wait to have it again.


  • I am currently addicted to Pinterest. I have been on it for quite awhile but not always active. Recently I have been pinning everything. I love a good motivational quote, all things Marilyn, delicious looking recipes, and more.


  • I bought a Big Bang Theory coffee mug online yesterday and can’t wait for it to come in. What better way to start my morning than with a Bazinga! cup of coffee!


  • Speaking of coffee, I have perfected my cup of coffee and it’s 0 points. Coffee, 3 tbsp. of Almond Breeze, and 1 tsp. of sugar in the raw. I love the smell of coffee in the morning.


  • My jeans are getting loose! I may have to buy new ones sooner than later, or dig into the depths of my closets for ones that didn’t fit last year.


  • I am putting together some of my favorite WW-friendly recipes to share. When I enjoy a recipe, I love to share it because I know that I am always looking for new recipes. If you’d like to receive a copy of them, please leave me a comment below with your email address!


  • Throwing in an extra one just for the heck of it… I thought ‘d share my favorite Marilyn Monroe quote.


fave marilyn quote


Can you share a fun fact with me today? I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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