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This Is 45

Today is my 45th birthday and while it is so odd to think of myself that age, literally just five years away from turning 50 (!!!), I am embracing it.

Turning 45 feels much different than 44. This time last year, I hated the thought of turning another year older because I simply was not doing anything about the fact that I was unhappy in my skin. I had been gaining weight and would continue to do so until the end of 2016. I am SO thankful that I am turning 45 with a plan in place and on a mission to lose weight and get fit with my favorite guy beside me every step of the way.




Turning 45 makes me want to be the  best person that I can be. To face my anxieties head on and deal with them, rather than tuck them away and pretend they don’t exist. It makes me want to do things I’ve not done before, to continue to step outside of my comfort zone whenever given the chance.


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My 45th year is going to about CHANGE. I have goals in place and I am doing my best every day to make them happen. Not just fitness and health related, but LIFE goals. It’s time to not be afraid of change and dare to dream about other things. Like Birdie from my most favorite movie “You’ve Got Mail” says to Kathleen Kelly… “You are daring to imagine that you could have a different life.”  Although as it pertains to me, I just want parts of it to be different.

I have much to be thankful for as I turn 45…. A wonderful husband who loves me, cheers me on, and supports me in my goals. A mom who I am very proud of and who I am thankful lives with us. My brother Joey and his two boys. My brother Nick, his wonderful wife Jenna, and my fabulous niece Autumn in Seattle, who although I miss terribly, we keep in touch often and I know they are just a phone call, FaceTime, or text away. My blog that turns 6 this month and my little Etsy store that continues to grow. I have the craziest dogs ever and they drive me batty, but I love them endlessly. I live in a place that I love that has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and oh that water… I am lucky to be in excellent health as I work hard to be fit. And I have some of the best friends and tribe a girl could ever ask for.

So, this is 45. I think I’m perfectly fine with that. 





Blog Updates For The New Year

The New Year is here and if you are like most (including me), you have to-do lists for many aspects of your life. One of the lists that I am making priority as we dive right into 2017 is some much-needed updates to my blog.


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It’s a little like housekeeping where if you keep up on these tasks on a regular basis, it’s easier in the long run. Small tasks over time can go a long way to keep your space on the interwebs running smoothly and up to date.






Make Sure All Side Bar Links Work

Check – and double check – to make sure all the photo, links, widgets, and more in your sidebar. This is especially important if you are linking to companies you represent or are ambassadors for.



Social Media Buttons

You put valuable time and effort into building your brand, make sure that your readers know where to find you and have the ability to share your blog and posts with others. The easier is it for people to share, the more likely they will be to do so.



Share Who You Are

I love to know who is behind a blog, especially one that I read often. Your “About Me” page can be one of the most important pages on your blog. As your life changes over time, so does your blog. Take time to keep it current. You never know who – or what company – may want to learn more about you.


Update Links In Post

It’s a good idea to go through posts and make sure links still work especially if you are trying to drive traffic old posts or companies you may be working with. There are plug-ins that can notify you of links that no longer work. One that I have used in WordPress is called Broken Link Checker. It takes just a few minutes to set up. Initially, it will take time to run through your posts, but once that is done it will verify new ones from there on out.



Update Blog Posts

A common theme in blogging is how everything changes. This holds true posts that are informational in nature. It’s okay – and suggested – that you go back and add more information to blog posts or change them. Keeping blog posts current and timely is a great way to continue to get hits.


Re-Purpose Posts

Just like updating posts is a great idea, so is re-purposing posts. You’d be surprised how many bloggers re-use information they have already shared and make it new again. You never have to struggle to find new content if you remember that you can easily re-use something you’ve already shared.


Your Disclaimer / Fine Print / Policies Page

As your blog grows, so may your policies on how you handle reviews, sponsored posts, and more. In the beginning, we all tend to take anything that is thrown our way to get our name and brand out there. As our time becomes more valuable, it’s important to pick and choose who you want to work with and your policy on how and when you may share. Be up front in in your fine print page and make sure it is current.


To Re-Brand or Not?

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years now and have gone through a new branding changes. I have the itch to do it again because I love to keep my look current and viable. Re-branding can be time consuming and difficult because it can be hard to get YOUR look exactly the way YOU want it. My opinion is to wait to re-brand once you can do the majority of it at one time. You want all your social media platforms to match and be consistent.


What is on your list to update on your blog this year?


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What are your intentions? {2017}

I recently saw a post on the FitBit blog about intentions for 2017. I *LOVE* that they used the word intentions instead of resolutions. I personally do not like the word resolutions, it is just something that will not happen (at least in my world).

But intentions are different.

in·ten·tion   [in-ten-shuh n]

an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.





I love that it is defined as an instance of “determining mentally”. So much of what we want to do for ourselves, the dreams we have, the goals we have, are all basically mental. We have to convince ourselves first that we can do it. Many times – and I know many of you will agree – we psych ourselves out before we even begin. 

Don’t go into 2017 setting resolutions. Instead, set intentions. What do you “intend” to do? 


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Over the weekend, I sat down with my fabulous new 2017 planner and made a list of words that I wanted to focus on in 2017. There are many words on this one page. All have meaning to me. Ironically, intention(s) is not on there, so I added it. And that brings me to choosing my One Word of the Year for 2017….. Intention. 





I intend to get back in shape with hubby. For the first time in years, we are back at the gym together and I love it. Very early on, before we were married, we went to the gym together. It’s nice to be back there together again. 


I intend to have more quality time with hubby. This is always on my list of wants and needs, and now intentions as well. There are some weeks where we are both so busy and our time together in few and far between. Even if we are just curled up on the couch enjoying our favorite show or out running errands, I enjoy our time together. 2017 will be OUR year.


I intend to grow my Etsy store. This little store of mine on the interwebs is my current baby and I have enjoyed seeing it take on a life of it’s own this last month especially. It will be ever-changing as I add more items and fine tune the ones I have. I intend to make it a success. I know it will take time, but I will keep at it.


I intend to blog more.  My Etsy store took over blogging this last month or so, but I intend to get back to it. My 6th blogaversary is coming up in February and I have excitement planned around that. I want to blog my journey back to fitness as hubby and I work on it together. And I intend to grow the list of people and companies I work with.


I intend to eat better.  This goes along with the gym. Being busy means eating on the fly and that is never good. I intend on preparing more meals that both hubby and I enjoy as part of our journey back to being fit. 


I intend to be a stronger person.  We all have our weaknesses. Mine is my anxiety and 2016 has seen it’s share. I want to focus on being stronger so that I can be a better, stronger version of myself. This will allow me to be a  better wife, daughter, sister, friend, niece, and more. 


I intend to do the best I can in life. Life is hard, people. We all have struggles. Never ever think that you are the only one facing an uphill battle. If we can all go through this life remembering that while our struggle is difficult, we are not the only one struggling. We can all be more sympathetic in general. One way or another, we will get through our struggles.


What is one of your intentions for 2017? I would love to hear them!



It has been way too long sine I’ve written a post about me and what’s been happening in my crazy life. Since we are in the midst of Tropical Storm Colin, I thought now is as good a time as any.

First of all, life is crazy. There is a lot of change happening in my world, and while I might not go into all of that now, just know that I have A LOT on my plate right now.


Life in general… Hubby and I have been so busy but we are blessed to spend much quality time together. I am thankful for him every day, and for the love and support he gives me. We both work a lot, but make sure to make time for each other in the evenings and on the weekends. He is my world…





Family… My niece just had her 5th dance recital and I know I am totally biased, but my goodness is she great on stage. She has no fear and has so much fun up there. This year in dance, she did hip hop, and she did awesome! I am such a proud aunt…


IMG_8856 (1)



Running… Sadly, there just has not been a lot of running lately. But! I did run Best Damn Race Leftover 5K in Safety Harbor this past Saturday and as always, it was a blast. It was also as hot as the face of the sun, but getting out there with hubby and my bestie Angie, and seeing so many other friends made it totally worth it. (Shameless plug… Don’t forget to use NANCIC when you register for an upcoming Best Damn Race event to save $5)






Reading… My friend Angie started an online book club on Facebook and last month we read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. We both very much enjoyed the book and went to see the movie yesterday. Despite my initial hesitation to see the movie, I actually ended up loving it more than that book, which is very rare for me. If you want to join in, let me know and I’ll add you to our group on Facebook. 





Being a Best Damn Race Ambassador… I am sure I will never tire of this. My Best Damn Race family is so much fun and we had a blast at Universal Studios to celebrate the end of the last race season. We really have so much fun together and I am super excited to be an Ambassador again for the 2016 – 2017 season.


13061915_10154027265625470_3540593832127333230_n (1)



Music… A couple weeks ago, I went to see The Monkees with my friend Denise. We had so much fun and enjoyed the music and night out together. Once again, I am a lucky girl to have made such good friends all because I started this little blog. 






Fun with friends… A few weeks ago, we went to Universal Orlando with our friends Tim and Ashley and their cutie-pie Abigail. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I have such a soft spot for this little girl. It was so much fun spending the day with them, having fun, and watching little Abigail ride her first rides and have so much fun playing in the water. 





Blogging… I know it’s a HUGE long shot, but could you maybe possibly nominate me for Best Local Blogger on Creative Loafing Best of The Bay 2016? I put my heart and soul into my little place on the interwebs and would love This Crazy Life of Mine to get some recognition. I would be forever grateful…. Thank you SO much! Click on the following link and enter Nanci Cernak – This Crazy Life of Mine in the “Best Local Blogger” category.  Creative Loafing Best of the Bay 2016 Nominations



What have you been up to? Is life as crazy for you as it is for me?!










Five reasons you should join a local blogging group…



When I started blogging in 2011, I had NO idea what I was doing. I was pretty familiar with a handful of blogs after reading them for awhile and that is really what prompted me to start a blog. I liked the outlet it created. And while I really had no clue what I would talk about on my blog, I knew that I had complete control over it. 

A little over a year after starting my blog, I realized there were many bloggers in this area. Maybe it’s a runner thing, as that was when I started running. But I heard about a group called the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers and decided to go to a meet-up one afternoon in downtown St. Pete. I was SO nervous. It’s so not like me to just go somewhere I don’t know anyone and just start talking. SO not me. But I knew we had blogging in common and I wanted to meet other bloggers. You can read about that meet-up here. My nervousness quickly went away and I was so glad I went for an afternoon of chit chat and getting to know each other. That day, I made new friends.

For the last couple of years, I have been active with the Tampa Bay Bloggers and I have learned so much from many of them. I am sure I would not have the opportunities that I have had I not joined them.  So, here are five reasons you should join a local blogging group… 


12654574_10153763867600923_8773831250735517423_n (1)


1) Networking – When you belong to a group of like-minded individuals who have something in common, you have the ability to meet people with many different interests. While we are all bloggers, we all blog about different topics. While some of our topics may be similar, we all offer our own point of view and bring something different to the table. 


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.31.25 AM



2) Exposure – There is power in numbers and you have a chance to work with brands and companies that you may not be able to reach as an individual. Not every blogger wants that for their blog, and that’s okay. My blog has a very wide variety of posts and not all are sponsored or a review. But I enjoy getting to know and learn about local businesses by way of our group thanks to the very hard work of our fearless leader, Denise. 








3) Friendship – I have met many bloggers since that first meet-up I went to and I am lucky that several of them have become good friends. Our paths cross often in the blogging world and real life and I love that. Blogging has really helped me grow and not be as timid and shy as I used to be. Where I was terrified of that first meet-up, I now very much enjoy going to events even if I may not know people there. 





4) Support  –  When you belong to a blogging group, there is always someone to help you with something. Whether it’s information you may need on a topic, technical help with your blogging platform, or if you just need to know if someone knows someone or something, there is always someone to ask. I lean on my blogging friends quite a bit when I am looking for a local resource or looking for information on something. 





5) Community We have quite the fun group. Between different events locally, we also have #TampaBayTuesday on Twitter and also do a blog link-up called #FridaySharefest where a different blogger each week highlights posts. We’ve attended some pretty fun events too… Like the time we got to meet Harry Connick Jr. and the stars of Dolphin Tale 2 as part of the DT2TampaCrew… That was pretty fabulous.






Even if your blog is just for you, just for writing, it is still fun to get to know others.

You can learn more about the Tampa Bay Bloggers here:


Do you belong to a blogging group?