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Sunrise Sunday

What is in a sunrise? There are so many beautiful things about a sunrise and if you’ve never started your day outside as the sun comes up, you are missing out. It helps that we live in such a beautiful place and a beautiful sunrise happens almost every day. 

No two sunrises are the same. The colors are breathtaking. A sunrise surrounded by clouds can be just as beautiful as a sunrise in a clear sky. It’s the start of a new day and brings with it hope. There are those few moments just before the sun rises above the horizon, when it glows orange, and you know it’s going to be beautiful. 

Take a few minutes when you can to stop and enjoy a sunrise. Be outside and be apart of it. It’s a beautiful thing…


Life is all about moving and enjoying every sunset and looking forward to the next sunrise. 


 Sunrise Sunday, Clearwater, FL  05/31/15

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