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Sunday in the kitchen and a blogger meet-up!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday. I had a fantastic day. I had Starbucks this morning and got my grocery shopping done early. I did laundry and some much needed cleaning. Sad, but yes this makes for a wonderful day. It means I can start the week organized!

The highlight of my day (other than hubby coming home from his paintball weekend today) was a meet-up we had in St. Petersburg for the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers. I was lucky to join this group on Facebook a few months ago after following several local bloggers. They had a meet-up last month, but I was unable to attend. I had this day marked on the calendar, excited to meet a great group of women who I read about and interact with on Facebook and Twitter. We met at The Hooker Tea Co. in downtown St. Petersburg. Like anything new with me, I was nervous going into it, but quickly became comfortable with them. We talked about our blogs, eating out, reading, and more. It really was a great time. I had a yummy iced tea and enjoyed the surroundings. The staff was great and even took pictures of us (with several of our cameras!). I look forward to next month’s meet-up and continuing to get to know these great women.

TBLB meetup 052012

After our meet-up, I headed home to make dinner for my honey. He was gone all weekend playing paintball and I was excited to make his favorite meal – steak and shrimp. Normally I would make myself a piece of fish when he has steak and shrimp, but I decided to have the same. Well, almost. I make his shrimp in Carolina BBQ sauce – he loves it. I wanted something a little different, though. So I sautéed shrimp and fresh tomatoes in olive oil, minced garlic, and basil and served it on toasted French bread from Publix (darn you Publix for smelling like fresh bread when I walked in there this morning!). This is the first time I’ve made this bruschetta-type dish and I would most certainly have it again. The flavors were amazing and it was very filling. I couldn’t even finish my steak, thank goodness hubby was home and finished it for me. I also had a nice glass of Pink Moscato. It was soooo good.

dinner 052012 A

dinner 052012 B

It really was a great Sunday. It’s a shame that tomorrow is Monday and that will ruin everything. So, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday!




  1. Wow, that shrimp bruschetta looks amazing. So nice to meet you today!

    1. My first time to make it and it was AMAZING!

  2. Today is Monday and it is just a lovely day here in good old Aus what’s it like there………….the food is making me hungry maybe I should think about lunch…….lol

  3. Dinner looks great! I did the same when I got home today, made dinner for the SO and our two friends. :)

  4. It was great meeting you yesterday! Can’t wait to chat again at the next meet-up! :)

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