You have goals and dreams. Things to you want to accomplish. Some big, some small. No matter what they are, anything is attainable if you put in the hard work.

For me, setting small goals along the way is key to success. Going into the gym this year and wanting to get in shape helped me realize that I wanted to lose 50 pounds. That’s the big goal for the year, but I started by setting a starting goal for the first 12 weeks. Setting small goals as you work towards your BIG goal helps keep you on track and that big goal doesn’t seem so far away or so hard.
Another thing I’ve realized is that as you work towards a big goal things can change. That 50 pounds I want to lose will likely change because I am building muscle as I lose weight. I may lose 35 pounds and be perfectly happy because of all the muscle I’ll have built. I’d rather be a strong 155 pounds than a weak 140 pounds. 

Here are my tips for setting goals…

  • Write down your goals, big and small.
  • Keep track of your progress often. 
  • Be flexible and know that it’s okay for your goals to change along the way.
  • Know who your support system is and share your goals with them for accountability.
  • Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you wanted to reach your goal.
  • Break your big goal into several small goals.
  • Reward yourself for reaching your goals. 
  • Be true to yourself along the way. 

What is a goal you are working towards right now? 

1 Comment on Small Goals Lead To Big Results

  1. I 100% agree with this!! Small goals over time really do add up. I always feel I have too many goals going at once! Haha. Probably something to work on 😉 right now, I’m slowly adding the Hanson marathon plan interval workouts to my runs to mix up speed workouts. They’re really hard for me, so I start with half the workout and work up following recommendations for pace, rest, laps, etc. A non running goal is strengthening my back so I can do unassisted pull-ups. Working on lats, rows, curl, and core 3x week. I’m extremely sore! XP

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