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Saturday Sleepover!

Yesterday, we had Autumn for the night. She was itching to get to our house yesterday and start our sleepover fun. After dropping her stuff at our house and waiting on hubby, we headed off to “the horsey mall”, which is what Autumn calls Citrus Park Mall in Tampa. She loves the merry-go-round and we were happy to take her there. We had dinner at the food court, rode the merry-go-round twice, and she played on the playground for awhile.




After fun at the mall, we headed home and Autumn made herself comfy cozy on our couch to watch one of the Barbie movie she brought with her.




This morning, we headed over to the park, Autumn loves that we live across the street from the park and she knows that we will walk over there at some point during her stay. She was ready to go bright and early this morning!




After we played on the playground and walked around the park for a bit. We were on the lookout for turtles and whales. I was very disappointed when we didn’t find whales, but Autumn kept looking. We also took a few fun pictures.




Autumn also to wanted pick flowers and we found quite a few! She was most excited about the pretty yellow ones and said they look like sunshine.


It was a fun sleepover, they always are! She told me this morning she can’t wait until we have another one. Such a sweet, adorable niece…


  1. What great photos and what a beautiful smile she looks like she loves to have her photo taken.

    1. thiscrazylifeofmine

      She has her moments with the camera. Most of the time she likes it, but she is also quick to hold up her hand and say “no pictures!” I adore her.

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