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Santa’s Little Yelpers!

Last night, hubby and I attended the Yelp Elite event at Christmas Town Busch Gardens – Santa’s Little Yelpers! When I received the invitation for this one, I RSVP’d immediately and was even more excited when we got confirmation last week. This was my second Yelp Elite event (the first one was Yelp O Scream back in October. I can’t say enough good things about Yelp…. Their website and app are easy to use, it’s great to review places you frequent and get feedback, and check-in wherever you go – and even receive check-in offers. it’s as easy as that! And because I’ve been an active Yelp-er this year, I was invited to be a part of their Elite squad. I’m so glad I did. And I hope I get to be a part of it in 2013 also (hint, hint Brett)!




When we arrived at Busch Gardens and checked in at the Yelp table to get our passes, we made our way back to Crown Colony Pub to collect our goodies. Not only did we get in the park for free, but being Yelp Elite means you and your guest each receive drink / food coupons and a gift. They really do treat us well.


IMG_3675            IMG_3676


IMG_3695           IMG_3697


I knew there was a twitter Scavenger Hunt – take 3 pictures as directed and tag them and post to Twitter. I missed the first one, but got the second two on the way to Crown Colony. When we got there and saw the Brett, the fabulous community manager for Yelp Tampa Bay, he told us we were the first ones there and I tweeted my two pictures. When I realized I had a chance to go get the photo I missed and still be the first one, hubby and I made a run for the front of the park. As we were walking back into Crown Colony, Brett tweeted that he had the first winner of the scavenger hunt – ME!!! So cool! I won 2 tickets to come back to Christmas Town. We’ll definitely be using those….. Here are the photos I took for the scavenger hunt…


  IMG_3686       IMG_3693        IMG_3702


IMG_3706          IMG_3709


A lot of Yelp Elite here in Tampa is made up of some wonderful bloggers that I am lucky to know! There were so many people at the park last night and I was so focused on the lights and attractions, that I missed seeing many of them. But, I did get to see Grace from Grace Dishes and her boyfriend Jason. It was great to see them again!




And then it was time to head out and see all the sights and sounds! I was in heaven with all the Christmas lights and music. It was perfect timing when we walked out of the Crown Colony Restaurant, because within minutes the Carol of the Bells light show started. I even caught part of it on video…. Here is a little tease of the beautiful sight!


Video by This Crazy Life of Mine 11/30/12


I took so many pictures throughout, the rest will be little sample of what you’ll see at Christmas Town if you go (and you must!). 


IMG_3678    IMG_3683    IMG_3687


IMG_3679    IMG_3684    IMG_3689


IMG_3691        IMG_3692


  IMG_3713       IMG_3714  


  IMG_3718       IMG_3719


IMG_3722    IMG_3723    IMG_3735


IMG_3729        IMG_3730


 IMG_3736        IMG_3743 


IMG_3748        IMG_3755


IMG_3756    IMG_3761    IMG_3759


 IMG_3762        IMG_3767


 IMG_3768                 IMG_3773


If you’d like to read my full review of Christmas Town on Yelp, you can read it here.


Do you plan on going to any Christmas-theme amusement park events this year? Share your favorite!


  1. Sorry we didn’t get to hook up last night! It was a great evening. The park was so beautiful. I love all your photos!

  2. Sorry I never found you last night! I only ran into Kat and Caroline :) Great pictures!

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