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Is it really Wednesday again? Already? This past week has really just flown by. Wednesday’s have become one of my favorite days because I get to share with you another runner who rocks! This week, I am featuring a fellow Sweat Pink ambassador. She is training for her first full marathon and I have to say, this girl is crazy fast! Time to meet Lauren…


Hi! I’m Lauren over at Breathe Deeply and Smile and I am trying to find balance and happiness in my life while trying to stay healthy and stress-free! I am a runner who dabbles in CrossFit and yoga as I train for my first full marathon!


When did you start running?   I started running 2 summers ago to shed some of the weight I gained in college from suddenly being inactive and not really caring at all about what I ate and drank.  I signed up for a 5K in the fall to motivate myself and fell in love with running in the process!


Who or what inspires you to run?   I believe in the cliché that running is my therapy – it keeps me sane. I love how running makes me feel strong, healthy, and alive.  I’m inspired by how far I’ve come and where I can possibly go, especially when I look up to elite runners like Shalane Flanagan or even fellow bloggers who are speedy ladies!


What is your favorite running mantra?   “Left, right, left, right…” is a simple and boring mantra, but I use it to remind myself to just keep moving when the going gets tough. I also tell myself “You are strong. You can do this” to get through some tough miles.


What is your favorite running or fitness blog?   I like Monica at and Janae at Those were some of the first two blogs I read. Both ladies are funny, speedy runners, and post about lots of delicious food!


What is the first race you ever ran?   A 5K through the Baltimore zoo called Run Wild for Autism (here’s some info for this year’s race if you are in the area-it’s for a great cause!


Name one thing you learned from your first race?   You are stronger than you think you are! I had a pretty great time for a first 5K and was more ready than I thought I was.


What are you currently training for?   I’m training for the Baltimore Marathon in October, which will be my first full marathon! Ah!


What one piece of running gear you cannot live without?   Besides my running shoes, definitely my Garmin. It has helped me train so much and feels much more natural than having my big, bulky phone strapped to my arm!


Share one piece of advice to new runners…   It doesn’t matter how fast you go, do it for those runner’s highs, that feeling when you cross the finish line, and the strength you feel after a great run!


And for fun… What do you like to do besides run?   I LOVE cooking, especially baking, trying out new restaurants, and going to concerts!


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Feel free to leave any questions or comments here for Lauren, or wish her good luck for her upcoming marathon!


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4 Comments on {Runners Who Rock} Lauren S.

  1. Great read !!! I love people who can put themselves out there and give you REAL answers. Not ones they think we want to hear!!! I agree it’s therapy. Something just makes the day better when you hit the pavement !

  2. Thanks Tara F., I don’t know how to be any way but real. I’m not cool enough to fake that running aint no thang for me. The tutu is so fun, Jina! I’m so happy I was featured, thanks!

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