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Run Streak

Isn’t life weird? You’re going on about your life, loving running, and training for races, and you even get through a full marathon. The next thing you know, you’re not running as much and you find every excuse in the book to not run. Even though you KNOW it’s good for you, whether it’s training or just running. 

That was me after I ran Space Coast Marathon in November 2014. I continued to run after that, even doing 4 more half marathons, getting up to number 15. It was then that I decided I was done with half marathons for awhile. There have been a few 5K’s since then but more than anything my running has been sporadic. 

A few months ago, I got back into running 3 times a week for about a month. It felt great and I was really into getting it done before work. Then it all just tanked and I threw in the towel, again. My anxiety? Stress? Tired? Trying to do too much all the time? Who knows. It could have been one or all.

A week ago, I went to see my doctor for a refill on my anxiety medicine. Of course, the first thing they ask is for me to get on the scale. The number I saw was the highest I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Talk about irony. My anxiety at that moment was sky high. I’m surprised my blood pressure and heart rate were normal. So of course, I realized at that moment, I had to get to being active. And the best way for me to do it, the thing that I do enjoy, and that helps with my anxiety as well, is running. Obviously I need to also do something about my diet, but let’s set that aside for another time….

10 days later, I am so happy to say that I have run every day since then. I didn’t set out on a run streak, but it’s made me feel better every day. Some days it’s a mile, some days it’s 2 1/2 miles. No watch, no trying to beat the clock, just running. I feel like I am doing something good for me, something good for my well-being. And it feels GREAT.




A 10-day run streak is nothing to get too excited about, I know. But it’s huge for me because that is 10 days I have not let myself stay attached to the couch. 

Will I continue to run every day? Maybe. But I won’t pressure myself to do it if there is too many other things happening. But if I do miss a day, I’ll get right back out there the next day. I am sure that at some point I’ll spiral down that same hill as before and want to quit. This will be my little note to self to remind me that I feel better when I run. Period.


How long of a run streak have you done?










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  1. gennaa

    Nice job getting in those runs! My weight is the highest it has been since I met Behn. I can exercise all day long, I enjoy it. The eating is my demise. It is also so rediculously hot now! i am so impressed!

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