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Review and Giveaway! Win Detergent

Calling all runners and active friends! If your current detergent is not cutting it, if your sweaty clothes are not coming out of the wash nice and fresh, than you must try WIN Detergent.

One thing most people don’t mention about marathon training is the amount of extra laundry you will be doing. Not just your workout clothes, but also the towels you use. And since my training started at the end of July – when it’s hot as blazes here in Florida with a million percent humidity – my running clothes were so smelly. I was convinced they would stand up on their own.

Besides the obvious fact of washing your sweaty clothes right after wearing them, the right detergent also makes a big difference. Many detergents have strong perfumes in them, and while I like the small of many of them, it really just masks the underlying odors rather than get rid of them. I found that even after washing them, as soon as I put them back on for another run, that sweaty smell was still there.

Thankfully, I was selected to review WIN Detergent and it could not have come at a better time. I am definitely a fan. The stinky smell that I end my runs with is no longer there when I am heading out for my next run.




One of my concerns with trying WIN Detergent – and really any new detergent – is that my clothes would not come out of the wash soft. But that was far from the case.



IMG_1509     IMG_1511


WIN Detergent is also made specifically for active apparel such as dri-fit and other technical materials. Those of you with sensitive skin can use the WIN Green option. Even without any scent, your clothes will still come out fresh and smell-free!

I am definitely a fan. And I have a chance for one of my readers to become a fan also! One lucky reader will win TWO bottles of WIN Detergent – on regular and one green.

Here are four ways to enter to win!

  • Like WIN on Facebook:
  • Follow WIN on Twitter: @windetergent
  • Follow WIN on Instagram: @windetergent
  • You must comment below to let me know which entries you’ve done so that you qualify.

I will select a random winner on Wednesday November 26th so be sure to get your entries in and share this post with others!




  1. heather

    Sure wish I could enter this one but as a crime victim I do not participate in facebook twitter or instagram for privacy reasons.

  2. You know I could use some detergent to make my mounds of workout clothes smell good! :) Doing all ‘likes’ to enter!

  3. Rachel O

    I did all 3! Have heard great things about them!

  4. Annette

    I Like WIN on Facebook

  5. Annette

    I Follow WIN on Twitter: @windetergent (@ThatTuxedoCat)

  6. Annette

    I Follow WIN on Instagram: @windetergent (@agratefulattitude)

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