This weekend is the Women’s Half-Marathon in St. Petersburg. It seems like it’s been forever since I signed up for it, so excited at the prospect of doing my second half this year. Not terribly long after, my sciatica decided it didn’t like me and wanted to torture me for several long weeks and my training plan sat there, untouched because I could hardly move.

I am going into this half without any training. To be honest, I didn’t train much for my first half-marathon, but I felt fine going into it. Now that I know what it’s all about, I *KNOW* I’m not prepared. So why am I doing it? Because I am too damn stubborn not to. Hubby thinks I’m crazy, but regardless, supports me in my decision to get out there and do it anyway, because he’s awesome like that. I will run and walk my little heart out on Sunday to knock out those 13.1 miles.

So today, amidst all my other craziness, I went to  pick up my packet for Sunday at the Expo held at the beautiful Renaissance Vinoy in downtown St. Petersburg. This was my first time in there and I wish I had time to do some more exploring and that I had taken more photos. Unfortunately, my time was limited and I was on a mission to check-in, get my race bib, my cool goodie bag, my shirt, and hit the Expo for a few minutes. There was a snafu with the goodie bags and they weren’t there for the start of the Expo. I had to stick around an extra 40 minutes or so, along with A LOT of other people, to get my bag. But, the bags finally made it there and all was good!






I splurged at the Expo and bought a few things… A really cute Women’s Half Marathon hoodie (it’s so comfy!), a couple stickers, and a license plate frame for my car. I couldn’t resist. Isn’t this hoodie awesome? I can’t wait to wear it.




Here’s a picture of the goodie bag, my bib, WHM tech shirt, stickers, and the license plate frame for my car. I already have a 13.1 sticker on my car, which went on within 2 hours of finishing the last one. I love the bib because it has my name on it. It’s a nice personalized touch.




I love that they included a current copy of Women’s Running magazine and a brochure for the Rock N’ Roll Half 2013 which will be in February. And yes, I am going to do that one again.




There is also a Luna Protein bar, which I really like, deodorant (get it? Lady’s Speed Stick Women’s Half-Marathon? Clever.) And the most awesome item of all, a Perform Pain Relieving Gel sample. I used this last after my last half and it helped greatly. I remember wanting to bathe in it!




There was also a sample of GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablet, and Oxylent which is a multivitamin supplement drink. Speaking of GU, I’ll be running out tomorrow to buy a couple GU Energy Gel packs. These are great, taste yummy (I love the blackberry), and are a nice boost in the midst of all those miles.

Because I know all too well that you should never wear something new for a race, I will be wearing my favorite Nike capri running pants and one of my tech shirts. I am undecided on which one yet. I am excited to run in my Brooks Glycerin.

The forecast for Sunday is a high of 72 with 11 mph winds. Since the race starts at 7am, it should still be in the 60’s for most of it. This is a good 25 degrees warmer (even more if you figure the windchill) than the Rock N’ Roll Half. It was so cold and windy that day, I wore gloves and lots of layers. I would actually be fine with it being cooler than 72. I love the cold weather.

So, I am ready to go. I think. Tomorrow I am looking forward to as much of a relaxing day as possible and then my head will hit the pillow very early since I’ll be up at 4am Sunday morning. Wish me luck!


Are you participating in the Women’s Half Marathon this weekend? I’d love to know if you are!

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  1. Sunday means I get a nice baked lunch at my parents place for my birthday so I am looking forward to Sunday………ok nothing to do with running but since I don’t run and you were talking about Sunday that is what came to mind

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