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Pretty Muddy was Pretty Awesome!!

Yesterday was THE day I have been waiting for, the day I was finally going to get muddy. Pretty Muddy to be exact. It was such a great day! Where do I start? Can you tell I was excited to go?


pretty muddy 1


Hubby tagged along with me so he could take photos and of course I was thankful for the company on the 62 mile drive from our house out to Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City. We arrived at the ranch about 9:30 am and my wave wasn’t until 11, so I had plenty of time to check-in, take some pictures, and look around at all the fun that was happening. Little Everglades Ranch is a working ranch, a little over 2000 acres, and is beautiful!


pretty muddy 3     pretty muddy 4

pretty muddy 6     pretty muddy 9

pretty muddy 6 A


As we were checking out the finish line, we saw my friend Steph from Kitchen Kilometers (a fellow Tampa Bay Lady Blogger) coming in. She looked like she was having so much fun, it was great to see her finish and she gave me a little sneak peek of the what I had to look forward to.


pretty muddy 13


I also ran into Courtney, who blogs over at Journey of a Dreamer and originally contacted me about this event and the blogging opportunity. She flew in from Missouri for this event, but actually grew up here in Clearwater. This would be her second Pretty Muddy event. She did such a great job keeping in touch with all of us bloggers. It was great to meet her. She also introduced me to Kevin, the founder of Pretty Muddy, and his wife. Thanks for everything Courtney and Kevin!


pretty muddy 16


My friend Corinna arrived, along with her kids Nicole and John, and her cousin Karen, and her aunt. Corinna, Nicole, and Karen, and I would be in the 11am wave. There was much excitement waiting to start and seeing the waves before us start. Finally it was our turn to head to the start line. We were ready to get MUDDY!


pretty muddy 18


pretty muddy 19     pretty muddy 21


When we left the finish line, our first obstacle was to run through BUBBLES!! Hubby was able to get some great shots of these before we headed off to the rest of the course.


pretty muddy 23     pretty muddy 24


pretty muddy 26     pretty muddy 27


pretty muddy 28


I so wish I had a camera with me on the course… I would have loved to get pictures of the different obstacles, which consisted of the following, some of which I remember the clever names for.

  • Running through ICE COLD water, about mid-calf on me…
  • Our first mud pit (where one of the girls in front of us lost her shoe!) and then running through a beautiful barn.
  • Wood You Rather…. Pick up a fence post and run with it over your head around a tree and then put it back.
  • A slide!! This was probably my favorite obstacle. Climb up one side then slide down the other while it’s being hosed down and then crawl through a mud pit to get out.
  • Pretty Tubular…. A set of tubes to crawl through, with mud in the bottom, of course!
  • The big cargo net… This is the one I was afraid of and thought for sure I would not be able to do. Besides being afraid of heights, I also had visions of twisting my ankle. When I got up to it, I decided I was there, I was going to do it. And I did! Climbing up wasn’t too bad, until I got to the top. I couldn’t figure out how to get over the top and turn around at the same time to climb back down. Thanks to the spotter that was there, he told me how to do it and I safely made it to the bottom. And thanks to Corinna and Karen for cheering me on! This picture is not of the cargo net from yesterday, I borrowed it from the Pretty Muddy site to show you my accomplishment. I am so proud of myself!


pretty muddy cargo net

                      (Source: Pretty Muddy)


  • Over and Out… This consisted of low walls in little mud pits. The first one you climb over, the second one you crawl under (and get muddy in the process!), and the third one you climb over.
  • Beach Balls! Run through beach balls and kick them at each other at the same time.
  • More cargo nets to walk through (I had visions of running through this quickly, HA!) and then a low cargo net to crawl under in mud.
  • Soooo Over It… more walls to climb over, these were a little taller.


After that, we rounded the course uphill towards the finish line and hubby was there waiting with the camera.


pretty muddy 29     DSC_6578


And then it was time for the last obstacle, the muddiest mud pit of all. I loved the name of this one and couldn’t wait to dive in and crawl through it (despite the no diving sign….).


pretty muddy 52


pretty muddy 30     pretty muddy 31


pretty muddy 32     pretty muddy 33


pretty muddy 34    pretty muddy 35


pretty muddy 36    pretty muddy 37


pretty muddy 43    pretty muddy 45


pretty muddy 47


We did it! 3.11 miles, completed all obstacles, got muddy, and had a fantastic time! After our exciting finish, we had fun taking more photos, and there was the obligatory free beer at the finish line. That was refreshing!


pretty muddy 49


pretty muddy 50


pretty muddy 53


pretty muddy 51


After hosing off all the mud and changing into clean, dry clothes, it was time to head home. I was so excited to have completed it and enjoyed every single minute of it. I can’t wait to do it again next year. Who wants to join me for Pretty Muddy 2013?


pretty muddy 54


NOTE: I received a free entry into Pretty Muddy in exchange for blogging about it and sharing my experience. All opinions are my own.


Have you participated in a Pretty Muddy event? Or another mud run? What was your favorite part of it?


  1. Looks like everyone had such a great time. Kinda makes me wish I had done it! 😉

  2. Amazing! You guys both look great. This looks like a ton of fun.

  3. It looks beautiful and fun at the same time. I guess, every once in a while it’s great to let go of your inhibitions and just get dirty muddy!!! :) Glad you had a great time and were able to do all the obstacles.

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time……………………………and a lot of fun to boot…………..

  5. LOVE it! You look like you had a blast! Thanks for coming out!

  6. Looks like so much fun! Can’t wait to do one as well. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics!

  7. Yay! Pretty Muddy was such a great event, they did a great job with the obstacles and the overall no-pressure just have fun vibe that was on the course. I’m bummed we weren’t in the same time start, but I’m so happy to hear you had a blast too!

    1. It was a great event and I loved that there was no pressure or time limits. I cannot wait to do it again. Thanks for reading my post, Meghann!

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