The couple that works out together….

It’s no secret that hubby and I love our time in the gym. Whether it’s bootcamp, weights, cardio, or circuit machines, we enjoy it. Even if we are not doing the same thing, we are there together. Working out together at the gym carries over into life outside the gym as well. Have you ever wondered why this is?


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It’s all about having a support system. Knowing that after a long day at work, we get to spend time together at the gym taking care of ourselves is always nice to look forward to. We have the common goal of getting fit and we push each other to reach those goals. 




It’s about being proud of each other. I tell everyone how proud I am of hubby. He has lost 30+ pounds now, dropped his body fat by almost 10%, and is not even close to stopping. I cheer him on every day because he has made big changes in his diet and how he eats. He is losing body fat and building muscle. Sorry ladies, he’s all mine. Don’t even think about it….




It’s about teamwork. We push each other. From the moment we met 18 years ago, we’ve been competitive with each other. Our story started with a bet at the bowling alley, whoever won the game would go out with the other. Well, obviously it was a win-win, but being competitive with each other is fun and keeps us going. Hubby has been my biggest cheerleader at the gym, with our challenge, and working out. Just like he spent miles and miles with me while I trained for my marathon, he is right by my side for this journey.




It’s about our bond. We’ve been together almost 18 years, married almost 16 years. We’ve been through quite a bit but at the end of the day, we have each other. After a great workout and he tells me great job, it makes me want to keep going. When we’re at home and eating a healthy meal together, it’s a common interest we are sharing. When we plan a Sunday afternoon at the gym, it’s about living life together. 




I wouldn’t want to go through this life with anyone else. Being healthy and getting fit together is just one of the many reasons I love hubby to the moon and back. My rock, my biggest cheerleader…


Do you work out with your significant other? 


Bootcamp Round 2

Our 12 week challenge at Gold’s Gym has ended, including the three bootcamp sessions a week. I went from someone who had never done a bootcamp workout prior to this challenge to someone who looked forward to bootcamp days every week and whatever challenge Greg or Ila had in store for us.

With the end of bootcamp upon us, we knew we had to decide what to do next to keep up all the hard work we put into the 12 week challenge. Bootcamp meant accountability, support, hard work, pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones, and really just a fun time. Turns out, we didn’t want that to end. We are seeing major results and both have goals.


My rock…


Fortunately, we aren’t missing a beat and jumped right into the Tuesday / Thursday night bootcamp this week. This group is a little more advanced than the other one, but we love a challenge and the motivation to keep getting better. This also means our trainer Greg is stuck with us for who knows how long.
From kettle bells to the sled, bosu push-ups to Russian twists, plank climbers to weighted squats, I love every minute of it, no matter how much it hurts or how bad I feel it the next day. My body is capable of way more than I have ever given it credit for. Finally, I can focus on what it CAN do rather than what it CANNOT do.

I’m working hard to hit the 160’s and I’m just 4.5 pounds away from that. Stay tuned!


5 Reasons To Plank

There are many exercises that are important to do often. But I, personally, think that the plank should be at the top of the list. There are many benefits to planking and why you should do it.
Not only does it work your core, but it engages your entire body. We do them often in bootcamp, in different variations. Hubby and I also do them on our regular workout days. Here are 5 reasons you should plank.

1. Abs! All day long…

Doing a plank, just about any variation of it, engages all of the ab muscles. This means the rectus abdominus as well as the obliques. These work together to give you the appearance of a flatter stomach. They also help with other exercises.

2.  Easy on the back…

This is a huge one for me. Strengthening my core in a way that is easy on my back is a no-brained. With my history of sciatica, there are no sudden movements in my world and I have to be careful. Doing planks doesn’t hurt my back AND it strengthens my core which helps with back issues.

3.  Plank anywhere…

No equipment is needed. All you need is you and the floor. No matter which variation you do, it can be done anywhere. I’ve even done it on a sidewalk after a run. Drop and plank whenever and wherever!

4.  No injuries allowed!

A strong core does wonders for a strong body and is beneficial to so many exercises. Balance and more are affected by the strength of your core. Doing a plank daily can help prevent injuries.

5. Arms, baby!

The plank is mostly about the abs, but your arms will benefit too. Straight-arm or elbow planks will both give you results when done regularly.
And because I want to add in a bonus… Planks just make you feel better. Take 30 seconds, 60 seconds, whatever you can do. Do it daily and you will see results. Change it up often with one of many plank variations to challenge yourself.

What is your favorite plank variation?

Get Fit In The Gym – Lose Weight In The Kitchen

I’ve shared many pictures and updates about our time in the gym since January, but a huge part of our success with weight loss has not even taken place in the gym. It really starts in the kitchen. You can work out all day but if you aren’t eating right and fueling your body properly, you won’t get the results you are looking for.

This morning is a good example of how I prepare for our week. Salads, veggies, fruits, protein and more make up our days during the week. Both hubby and I eat several small meals a day and always have breakfast. We aim for a healthy mix of proteins, low carbs, and healthy fats. Tonight I will make a favorite dinner of hubby’s which will make for several lunches during the week.

This is not to say that we don’t splurge or enjoy our favorite foods from time to time. There are days where we don’t take our lunch and will get lunch out, but we always have snacks with us. I never want to get to a point where I’m starving. On the flip side, my meals are small so I eat until I’m satisfied, not overly full.

At this point in our journey to get fit this year, we are going to start fine tuning our meals and focus on macros. Basically, we will eat to reach our goals and our hard work in the gym.

Spending an hour or so in the kitchen getting ready for the week ahead makes a huge difference in sticking to our plan and reaching our goals.
Do you meal prep? What are your go-to snacks and meals?

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

Nothing is more exciting than finally saying “I do” to your partner. However, there can be nothing more daunting than planning a wedding. Both you and your partner will undoubtedly want to the day to be as perfect as possible, so it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to know where to start. We are therefore providing informative advice on how to plan your dream wedding.






Plan Early

The sooner you start planning your wedding, the easier the process will be. You must, therefore, create a clear plan early on, which can take away the stress as the big day approaches. So, write a rough guest list and work out an affordable budget to ensure you can pay for every aspect of the wedding without falling into debt.

A Realistic Budget

Not only should you set a budget early on, but you must also ensure you are realistic with your finances; otherwise, you might stretch your bank balance too far. While it is wise to consider the cost of the big parts of your special day, such as the dress and ceremony, you must also factor in all the little extras too – which can add up to a large lump sum. For example, you must account for beauty items, dress alterations, wedding favours and bridesmaids’ gifts, plus more.

Book the Perfect Venue

There are many different venues you can choose from for your big day. From wedding venues in Hollywood, such as At The P that offers live entertainment, to a tropical beach abroad, there are many places you can celebrate your nuptials with your nearest and dearest. However, if you have your heart set on a location, we recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Ask for Help

Do not take on all the wedding preparations yourself. Ask your loved ones to help in the wedding planning process. Also, trusted family members and friends will be more than happy to help, and it will allow them to play an important role in your big day.

Choose Your Guest List Wisely

It is your wedding day, so only invite the guests you and your partner want to attend. While it might be hard to say no to an Aunt from Australia whom you have never met, you should not feel guilt-tripped into inviting people to your wedding. So, choose your guest list wisely.

Book the Best Photographer

You will want to look back on your wedding day with fondness in years to come – and a wedding album can help you to do just that. It is, therefore, important to pick the best wedding photographer that can perfectly capture every aspect of your big day. From the pre-wedding jitters to the wedding dance.

There are a million and one things to consider when planning a wedding, which is why you must plan ahead, book early, and enlist the help of family and friends to take the stress out of preparing for the special day.