Top Ten Tuesday – TV Finales

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for some TV talk for Top Ten Tuesday and this week it’s all about TV finales. 

top ten tuesday


Generally, I am a blubbering mess when it comes to TV finales, especially when it’s ending for good, not just for the season. I get so emotionally invested in the TV shows I watch and the characters and the story lines that when it comes to an end, I wonder “well now what I am supposed to do?”. 

I know I’m not the only one, either. My bestie Angelina also loves her TV and she’s sharing her list today as well. Be sure to check out her blog today, too.

Here is my top ten list of TV finales. Some are season finales, some series finales. And anyone who knows me, already knows what # 1 will be….. Right? Right.



10.  Nip / Tuck  – this show was a hot mess from the beginning but we quickly got sucked into it. We watched every season and hated to see it end, but I think it rans it’s course. 


9.  American Horror Story: The Coven – the third season has been my favorite so far and the season finale did a wonderful job of ending that story line. The characters were perfect that season and no questions were left unanswered. 


8.  Seinfeld  –  oh, the cast of Seinfeld and the situations they got themselves into. I enjoyed the dry humor of Seinfeld and loved Elaine’s character. Sad to see it go, the last episode was great.


7.  Family Ties  – this show started my love of Michael J. Fox and when he prepared to move to New York in the last episode, I was so sad. I loved his family, his relationship with Ellen. 


6.  ER  –  Probably my favorite medical drama, I loved this show and watched all fifteen seasons of it. I enjoyed the cast when it first started and although it changed over the years, I still loved the interactions and story lines they had. 


5.  Mad About You – Paul & Jamie Buchman were two of my favorite TV characters and I watched all seven seasons of this show. The series finale was very clever, we saw their only child Mabel as an adult 22 years later. We also learn that Paul & Jamie were not really married so they get re-married. I miss this show….


4.  Cheers – Norm! Who didn’t love hearing everyone yell Norm when he walked in the door to America’s favorite bar. While I loved the early episodes with Shelley Long, I grew to love the ones with Kirstie Alley even more. This show of course led to Frasier, which was also a great show.


3.  NYPD Blue  – this may be the show that had me cry the hardest of all time. The one where Jimmy Smits’ character Bobby Simone dies in the fifth episode of season six. While not a series or season finale, it was his finale and it was a tear jerker. The camaraderie with Detective Sipowicz was unmatchable in future episodes as they tried to replace him with other characters.


2.  Will & Grace  – I loved, loved, loved Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen. And when Harry Connick Jr. came on the show, I loved it even more. As the show ended, Grace and Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) get married, and in a look into the future, Will and Leo’s daughter grows up to marry Will’s son and all are reunited. 


1.  Friends (series finale) – this show was my life. No joke. I loved everything about Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. I laughed and cried through all ten seasons with them and to this day still watch reruns of it if it is on. I have loved other shows, but never like Friends. It will always and forever be my #1 show of all time. When it ended, I was so sad, but I love how they ended it. Together, going to get coffee one last time. 


What is your favorite TV series or season finale?

Guest Post – Three Ways To Improve Balance

Today’s post is being shared from my friend Ali’s blog, Ali Goes The Distance. Ali is a runner, blogger, and personal trainer. 




Hi, I’m Ali!

I’ve been learning A LOT of different things at my internship since starting it three weeks ago! It’s very hands-on and I’m definitely being challenging to think outside the box. That’s the whole point of an internship, right? One of the key components that is used a lot with the clients I work with at my internship is balance.

Not the balance like life balance…lol, although that IS a work in progress too, I talking coordination, agility, posture, body awareness, etc. It’s all important. For a while, I was working on it diligently with myself and my clients. Then I kinda forgot about it…oops. It can be one of those things that can easily be forgotten if you’re not actively working on it.

Balance was the one thing that I think got stale for me which is a reason it fell off my fitness routines. I’ve now been reintroducted to it and the various ways you can challenge it with equipment, eyes open vs. closed, kneeling vs. standing, and no equipment vs. foam padding or a bosu. The possibilities are endless. I’ve taken time to add it to my workouts and in my HEAT class through plyometric moves such as lateral bounds, lunges + single leg skips, or simply balancing one leg for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the level of our balance skills until its gone, like when we fall, for example. Just like working out heart for cardio and increasing strength with resistance training, we can lose balance too. Particularly as we age, it is another aspect of fitness that is lost after the age of twenty five.

So besides the fact that balance is forgotten, I figured I’d share a post on how to ADD it back into your routine to gain the benefits of improving balance. What’s so great about balance is that it doesn’t have to involve being sweaty. Weird saying I know. It doesn’t necessarily involve a high heart either. I like adding it into the end of a workout to calm the mind and ease into a cool-down. Before bed or part of a weekend fitness routine works too. I like to think that balance works body-awareness, also known as proprioception. You train your mind and body at the same time. If you participate in yoga regularly, balance poses are more then likely incorporated into the practice. Adding tree pose or pigeon pose counts when not on the mat counts too!

Do these three exercises without shoes. It gives you a sense of awareness and less support as soon as you step out of your shoes…what you want! I do two sets each side with five to eight reps each. Work up to three sets of ten or more reps or until you can easily add a challenge. Of course, try not to hold to anything! Having something or someone nearby if you do need the extra support is okay. Soon you’ll learn to not need it.😉

Try these three balance exercises you can do anywhere and without equipment to work your balance:

  1. Tightrope walkStepping heal to toe forward and repeating backward. 
    1. Easy: Walk two steps forward and two steps backward
    2. Medium: Walk three-five steps forward and backward
    3. Hard: Walk three-fives steps forward and backward with eyes closed
  2. Three Point Star
    1. Easy: Tap your toe to the ground in the front, side, and back of you.
    2. Medium: Release toe from ground and repeat the three points
    3. Hard: Keep toe off the ground and repeat the three points with eyes closed
  3. Finger GlanceSupporting yourself on one leg, extend opposite leg out in front. Bend elbows at the ninety degrees and hold out in front of you. Raise one finger on each hand. The higher you lift your leg out in front, the harder it is. 
    1. Easy: One leg is supporting. Toe of opposite foot is on ground in front. Glance back and forth at fingers.
    2. Medium: One leg is supporting. Toe of opposite foot is off ground a half inch to inch off ground. Glance back and forth at fingers.
    3. Hard: One leg is supporting. Toe of opposite foot is off ground one to two inches. Glance back and forth at fingers.


Adding these exercises to your fitness routine regularly will over time help enhance your balance. Realizing this can also help my running, is one reason I’ve been incorporating it into my program. Although this can help train your mind, this is great neurologically and muscularly too. Just because we’re not “old” doesn’t mean we have to fall and hurt ourselves to realize balance training NOW is important. With these simple exercises you can improve sooner then later.

Fit Foodie 5k with friends!

Thanks to a giveaway hosted by Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat, I won an entry for the Fit Foodie 5K in Tampa! I was excited to change it up for day 87 of my run streak and run in downtown Tampa with some of my favorite people – my bestie Angelina, Caitlyn, and Ali!




This was the first year for the Fit Foodie Race Weekend in Tampa. Basically if you are a foodie and love to be active, this event was for you. The race itself followed started in downtown Tampa next to Amalie Arena and took us along Bayshore Boulevard. The after party was in Cotanchobee Park along the Tampa River Walk.

Friends, laughter, a beautiful sunrise, a super cute medal, a fun photo booth, and delicious food and beverage afterwards made for a fabulous Saturday morning. 

Throughout my run streak, I have not worried about my time.I certainly wasn’t speedy yesterday, but it was more about enjoying the run and the company. I hope they come back to Tampa again next year, I will definitely do it again!









Did you run this event in Tampa yesterday? Or have you run it in another city? 


Top Ten Tuesday – Motivational Quotes

Happy Tuesday! I love Tuesday’s because it’s the day we do our Top Ten post. And I *love* this week’s theme…. Motivational quotes.


top ten tuesday


I do my best to be a positive person. I cannot stand negativity. I strongly believe that if you think positive, good things will come. Mind you, I am a huge worrier and I stress easy, but I am constantly telling myself that creating issues in my head is not going to solve anything. So, I love motivational quotes for this very reason. They are a great reminder to keep pressing on, no matter what you’re going through.

Some quotes resonate more within each of us, depending on what you may be going through at the time. Some days, like Mondays, require several motivational quotes. And sometimes, it’s nice to share a favorite quote of you’re own because you just never know who might see it and it helps them. People helping people, it’s a wonderful thing.

So, here are my Top Ten Motivational Quotes, in no particular order (as always).



10.   dont-let-a-bad-day



9.   screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-2-39-41-pm



8.   screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-2-41-43-pm



7.   you-will-get-there



6.   she-believed-she-could



5.   too-positive



4.   how-far-youve-come



3.   screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-2-40-02-pm



2.   screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-2-39-16-pm


1.   it-is-what-it-is



Don’t forget to visit Run.Chew.Sparkle and see what her Top Ten Motivational Quotes are, too!


What is your favorite motivational quote?

Top Ten Tuesday – Dog Books

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about books. I love to read and can spend hours with a book in my hand. For this week, I’m making this post all my own by talking specifically about dog books. It’s common knowledge to everyone who know me that I am a dog lover. Always have been, always will. I’ve had some very special dogs over the years who are still a part of me and currently our house is ruled by our two crazy Australian Shepherds. And now that my mom is living with us, we have her dog as well, the dorkiest Dalmatian you will ever meet. I love every one of them despite how much they may drive me crazy on a daily basis.


top ten tuesday


Because of my love of dogs, I also love to read books about dogs. Fiction, memoirs, non-fiction – you name it. I go into any dog-related book knowing full well that I will likely cry my way through it and that’s okay. Dogs are with us for such a short time in the grand scheme of things and it is a fact of life. 

So, I am sharing my favorite dog books for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. And these are in no particular order because I loved every single one of them. 


10. Soul of a Dog by Jon Katz

9.  Dog Days by Jon Katz

8.  Dog Years by Mark Doty

7.  A Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas

6.  One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

5.  Amazing Grace: A Dog’s Tale by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff

4.  Izzy & Lenore: Two Dogs, An Unexpected Journey, and Me by Jon Katz

3.  Marley & Me: Life and Love With The World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan

2.  A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron (follow up to his first book listed below…)

1.  A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron – this story was so touching and I cannot wait for the movie to come out! Here’s the trailer. Grab your tissues before you watch this.





If you have time, hop on over and what books Run.Chew.Sparkle is sharing for her Top Ten Tuesday.

If you are a dog lover too, what is your favorite dog book?