My very first blog

So it begins. Someone out there may be interested in what I have to say, right? Right. I enjoy reading blogs and I thought maybe I would enjoy writing one. So, here I go. There is no telling what I’ll blog about – it could be about me, my honey, my adorable mini-aussie, a fave beer or wine I’m drinking, or a great run, walk, or workout. It could also be about a wonderful book I’m reading, my love of scrapbooking, my big crazy family, or my excitement over a drink from Starbucks. It could be about anything!


  1. Yayyy!!!!!! Welcome!!!!!

  2. […] When I first started my blog, I imagined it being mostly weight-loss related, although my very first post pretty much said it could be about anything. It was also just two months after losing my dad and I knew it would be another outlet in dealing with that and it has helped. It’s touched lightly on our infertily issues and is as light as posting about our crazy dogs. You can read my very first blog post here http://thiscrazylifeofmine2012.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/my-very-first-blog/ […]

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