Autumn, family, love, see you again

My family. My heart.

A huge piece of my heart left yesterday.

My brother Nick, my sister-in-law Jenna, and my niece Autumn are headed to Seattle to start their new life.

On Monday, we had family dinner at their house. Nick made a delicious spaghetti dinner. We laughed, we joked, we ate, and we were just being the family I know and love.




On Wednesday, we helped them load up the moving truck with the life they made in the first home they bought. And we went to our favorite restaurant, The Ozona Pig, for lunch.


moving day family 072016


Yesterday, we spent the morning with Autumn while Nick and Jenna had their closing. We all went to lunch and then we saw Autumn off at the airport as she left to fly to Seattle with Jenna’s mom. Nick and Jenna hit the road after their closing. My heart is breaking. 


me autumn i hold on 072116



me nick 072116




me jenna hooters 072116




family pic hooters 072116



I adore them and I will miss them all SO much it hurts. Nick and I have always been close, but after his accident last year, it’s even more-so. Jenna and I are not only sisters-in-law, we are family. She is as much my family as Nick is. And Autumn… I don’t even need to say how close we are. She is my heart outside my body. Many tears have been shed the last couple of days.


autumn hug 072116


But, I know life goes on.

Of course I wish them the best of luck in their journey and as they start this new adventure. But like I wrote in the card I gave them…. They have been such a happy part of my world and there will be a void without them here. They are taking a piece of my heart with them.

As for Autumn, I wrote in her card “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, my favorite little girl,  you will Always be”. I will miss that kiddo more than words can say. 



Till I see you all again…. Safe travels to my family….


  1. HI!
    Your relationship with Autumn reminds me so much of my relationship with my Aunt. My aunt never had children, and I was always treated like her child. Our bond is very strong, I can go to her when I didn’t want to go to my parents. When I got into a fight with them, it was her I called. I am her pride an joy, and when I called her to tell her I was getting married, she just cried with happiness.
    They may be moving away but the bond you two will have will only get stronger.
    Hope the days get easier and now just a great excise to visit the west coast!
    genna recently posted…I ran a 5k and didn’t die!My Profile

    1. Thank you for the this…. I hope that I remain special to Autumn even from a long distance. I know it will never change for me….

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