Hi, my name is Nanci, and I am a coffee addict. I *LOVE* coffee and it’s a must in the morning. Last year, I made my coffee experience even better by purchasing a Keurig so I could make just one cup of coffee in under a minute. Hot coffee or iced coffee, I love them both. There are so many K-Cups available, you are sure to find a whole handful of flavors to love.

I recently received an AWESOME Brew Over Ice package in the mail to review. It was so exciting to receive these goodies in the mail…. It included 3 Brew Over ice K-Cup samples, 1 Brew Over Ice tumbler, 4 coasters, and a super cool light up ice bucket with tongs!


brew over ice kit

brew over ice light up ice bucket    brew over ice samples


I was excited to try each one. I had not yet had any of the iced tea flavors or the Vitamin Burst. And who wouldn’t want a Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee?

I tried the Peach Iced Tea first and it was very good. I never make iced tea because I never drink enough of it to justify making a whole pitcher. Having the ability to make just one serving at a time is perfect. I really enjoyed the peach flavor, perfect for a hot summer day.

keurig peach tea 2    keurig peach tea 3


The Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee was probably my favorite. It is so smooth and I don’t even need to add anything to it since it has creamer and sweetener in it already. Could it be any easier??


keurig iced coffee    keurig iced coffee cup


The Vitamin Burst was very refreshing. The Strawberry Pomegranate flavor was nice and fruity. I made sure to add extra ice in mine and it lasted quite awhile.


keurig vitamin burst    keurig vitamin burst cup


So, would you like to have a chance to win your own Brew Over Ice prize pack? Here is your chance… You can earn multiple entries here. The giveaway ends 12am Saturday morning. I can’t wait to see who wins this awesome pack!


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Disclosure: I received these free Keurig Brew Over Ice products for review and I was not compensated.