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I did what?!

I tried something tonight I SWORE I would never try. I went to a Zumba class. There was a free class on the rec center near by my house and my sister asked if I wanted to go. I momentarily thought, “HA! No way. Not gonna happen.”

But then I realized there was no reason to not try it. If she was game, well then WHY NOT?

The reason I’ve never been interested in taking it is because I have two left feet, I am not coordinated at all, and I am the whitest person ever. This girl does not dance. There is no way I could even try it.

Despite my fear of going, it was SO MUCH FUN. Who knew? I couldn’t do half of the moves but the music was great and I was shakin’ my butt like there is no tomorrow. I  was drenched in sweat after the hour was up and it was great.

I always resist change. I swear I don’t want to do something because I won’t be good at it. It didn’t matter tonight. There were kids there all the way up to senior citizens. And not one of them cared if they could do every move perfectly. Everyone was just having fun. And to call it a workout was a bonus.

So, you can bet our butt’s we’ll be signing up to take the class every Monday. And for the heck of it, we’re crazy enough to want to take the 2 1/2 hour Zumba Bash in two weeks. WHY NOT?

Note to self: Remember this feeling. Remember that despite your fear of trying Zumba, you did it and you enjoyed it. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Life is too short. Remember 2012 is your year, make the most of it.

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