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Happy Birthday, my sweet baby Blue!

My baby boy Blue turns 3 today! Where did the time go? The day we brought him home, he was a little ball of fur, all puppy, with that pink puppy belly, sweet puppy breath and tiny little kisses, and already a snuggler. To this day, he is still a snuggler, just a much bigger one. He has such a big personality and is quite the ham. He loves everyone and going for rides makes him so happy. Taking him the park is always a treat he looks forward to. He loves to pose for pictures and will give you kisses, or “love”, all day long. I adore my little boy. There are days he drives me insane with his craziness but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Happy Birthday, Blue!! We love you!!


baby boy blue march 2010



sweet boy is 3


I was going to get him a puppy cake for his birthday but since he is sick and on a restricted diet, the puppy cake will have to wait! But there will be extra snuggles all around today and since he can’t be alone, he will get to spend the whole day with me.


Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday, Blue. Hope you feel better very soon. Nanci, I love his coloring and he was the cutest puppy ever!

  2. No we don’t in fact I couldn’t tell you when his birthday is in fact I can’t even remember when we got him but he is part of the family.

  3. UHmmm… cutest puppy ever! oh my lawd. Hope he’s feeling better today :)

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