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Goalgetter2013 – November

Okay, we need to slow the calendar down some. Fall is my favorite season and I want it to last. I want to enjoy it. I don’t want to wish it away like I do the summer time. And is this really my 11th #goalgetter2013 post for the year?

For November, I have decided I have to focus on my weight loss. I gave myself a full year to lose weight and I have been doing great, losing weight slow and steady. All of a sudden, the end of the year is two months away and I have to buckle down if I’m going to hit that goal in 8 weeks time.

Because I like to focus on small goals along the way, I am setting a couple for this month…


goalgetter2013 november 


So, what does this mean? Well, it means I need to be a little more diligent with my tracking, measure my portions every single time, and do my best to eat fruits and veggies when I can to help balance out this amazing season of food. That will be the hard part…. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year.

Here is a graph showing where I’m at, as of last week’s weigh-in on 10/26/13.




My weight loss has been pretty consistent. Obviously there have been gains along the way. All journeys have their ups and downs, right? Weight loss is no different. However, since I’ve been training for my half marathon, I’ve had a few more gains and fewer losses. Since not training is not an option, I am still trying to find balance of eating enough as I am hungrier from more activity.

Going back to WW on January 1st, and weighing in at 178, my highest weight EVER, was overwhelming to say the least. Now that I am more than half way – just 13.6 pounds away (as of the last weigh-in) – I know I can do it. I know I have it in me.

I WILL hit this goal. This progress picture I shared back in July is proof of how far I’ve come and I am dying to add another one to it… 2013 has been all about weight loss and I want 2014 to be all about maintaining!


niv 2012 july 2013




Are you new to my Goalgetter2013 posts? Here is my progress for the year so far….


Goals are most successful when broken up into smaller goals! Post a picture on Instagram on the last day of each month to show how you are working toward achieving your goals! Use the hashtag #goalgetter2013.

If you’d like to take part in this challenge and have another way to keep yourself accountable this year, you should definitely join in! Visit the #goalgetter2013 Facebook page today!

For more inspiration, visit these blogs… These are the gals who put this challenge together:



What are your goals for November? Share one with me and how you plan to be a success this month!


  1. Wow, your graph is pretty impressive – you’ve been doing outstanding! I’m trying to set a weight loss goal this month too. In your experience what’s an ambitious but reasonable monthly weight loss goal?

    Good luck on your November goals!!
    Lisa recently posted…October Recap and ResetMy Profile

    1. Hi Lisa! That is a great question. I try to average 1-2 pounds a week. Slower is better and you are less likely to gain it back. I have weeks where I lose more and then some where I gain, but it’s about a 1 – 2 pound a week average. Best of luck to you!

  2. Nanci- I know what you mean. But really muscle weighs heavier than fat. So it will slow down. If you’re workout is making you ravenous though u might want to rethink your schedule. I have to agree with what others have said, you are doing really great. And in the end the changes you are making are lifelong. I don’t think you will ever not exercise now. That’s huge!!!!

    1. I hope you are right. This year has been the longest that I have remained active. It doesn’t seem right to NOT run. Even if I haven’t been training for a race, I’ve still run. And you’re right, muscle does weigh more than fat. I just have my eye on that goal. As always, thank you so much for following along and your input. It is so appreciated!

  3. […] Last month, I went back to my weight loss goals, as the end of the year is now quickly approaching. I felt it was important to really focus on it since that has been my main goal for the whole year. As a reminder, this was the goal I set for November… […]

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