Goalgetter2013 – How did I do in August?

Bye bye August! Although I don’t really like you, I very much enjoyed the goal I set for myself for August. Here’s a quick recap!


goalgetter2013 august


My goal was to complete the #AugustCoreFocus challenge hosted by Kat over at Sneakers and Fingerpaints. This challenge took place on both her blog, where she had a photo of each daily move and sometimes a video, as well as on Challenge Loop.

What I loved most about this challenge was Kat’s thorough instructions which included progressions, if you wanted to make it a little harder, or regressions, if you need to hold back a little. As much as I love core work, there are some moves that scare me simply because of my history with low back pain and sciatica. Kat was very firm in that you do not injure yourself and you make any adjustments you need to. Or, if there is a move you are no comfortable with, do a different one.

Over the 31 days of this challenge, I did probably 26 of the moves and repeated a few. Where I started out doing one a day, there were several times where I missed a few days during a busy week and would then catch up with them on one day.

I very much enjoyed this challenge and it has led me to continue on with core work for the month of September, doing my own little core challenge with 4 moves – forearm plank, straight arm plank, boat post, and crunches.

Thank you, Kat, for hosting this great challenge and for all the time and energy you put into it!


Are you new to my Goalgetter2013 posts? Here is my progress for the year so far….


Would you like to take part in the #goalgetter2013 challenge? It’s pretty simple….

Goals are most successful when broken up into smaller goals! Post a picture on Instagram on the last day of each month to show how you are working toward achieving your goals! Use the hashtag #goalgetter2013.

If you’d like to take part in this challenge and have another way to keep yourself accountable this year, you should definitely join in! Visit the #goalgetter2013 Facebook page today!

For more inspiration, visit these blogs… These are the gals who put this challenge together:


How did you do in August? Share!

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