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Fun Fact Friday {Food Edition}


fun fact friday


I thought it would be fun to do a Food Edition of Fun Fact Friday. Since I love food so much, it seems like it would be a good topic. Who doesn’t love food?


  • It would be impossible to pick one favorite food since there is so much I love. Very high on the list, however, is pizza. More specifically, a pizza with pepperoni and sautéed onions. The greasier the better.


  • My favorite healthy meal is broiled tilapia with zucchini, olive oil, and basil. It’s so simple to make, filling, and full of flavors that I love.


  • My least least favorite food is American cheese. I know I’ve discussed this before, but it is the most disgusting thing EVER.


  • My favorite vegetable is zucchini. Broiled, sautéed, in soup, you name it. Very versatile and so good.


  • My least favorite vegetable is probably cauliflower. I want to like it, but I just don’t.


  • My favorite snack is currently baby carrots and basil pesto hummus.


  • My favorite type of food is Italian. Being Italian helps this, especially one who’s mother cooks the most amazing Italian food ever. My second favorite type of food is Mexican.


  • If I had to choose salty or sweet, I would probably choose salty. But if you give me the opportunity to mix salty and sweet, even better!


  • My favorite salad includes romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, tomato, red onion, cucumbers, and banana peppers with oil and vinegar. It goes with everything!


  • My favorite fruit is probably mango. I love fresh ones, but they are so messy, so I usually buy frozen mango chunks and have them throughout the week.


  • My least favorite meal of the day is breakfast. It seems like the most rushed and the one I have to make myself eat.


  • My favorite meal of the day is dinner. It’s meal I have the most time to prepare and the one that I am the most creative with.


  • My favorite way to cook a meal is in the slow cooker. I love how the house smells when something cooks all day and it’s so easy.


  • I am a dessert girl. I have to have something sweet at night. I like to keep pineapple cake on hand, or Smart Ones frozen desserts, or even fruit such as sliced banana with fat free cool whip. Mmmmmm…..


Share a fun food fact about yourself with me!

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  1. Fact: I really don’t like onions!
    Fact: My favorite home dish is Italian (I am also Italian) – hard boiled eggs baked in home made spaghetti sauce with italian sausage!

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